Adding a Magento Blog Feature to your webshop

Magento Blog Plugin
Nice example of a Magento Blog

A blog is an important factor in respect to SEO for your webshop. Unfortunately the Magento Community Edition doesn’t offer a blog feature.

Fortunately Aheadworks created a plugin that creates a blog for Magento. It’s easily implementable with Magento Connect. Download it.

Install it and clear the cache.

Setting up the blog

Go to: Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Aheadworks -> Blog.

At the enable dropdown, choose ‘yes’. The blog is enabled now. Set up a ‘blog title’ and a ‘route to blog’. Go to YOURWEBSITE.COM/YOURROUTETOBLOG . If everything is alright, the blog should work. Else, try to remove the cache / refresh indices.

At Blog -> Add post you can add new blogposts.

Common problems

The admin shows a blank page when opening the plugin

It’s easy to fix this. Log out from the admin panel, clear the cache, login and open the plugin again. It should work.

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