Bunny Storage CDN S3 Alternative

Bunny Storage – The S3 alternative (without S3 yet) from Bunny CDN

In the realm of cloud storage solutions, Bunny Storage emerges as a promising alternative to Amazon S3. This European-based service, offered by Bunny CDN, provides users with an affordable and reliable option for storing and managing their digital assets.

While it currently lacks direct S3 support, Bunny Storage compensates with its SFTP integration, making file uploading a breeze.

Additionally, Bunny Storage allows users to make their files publicly accessible, offering flexibility and convenience. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of Bunny Storage and explore its potential as a cost-effective storage solution.

Bunny Storage: A Reliable Cloud Storage Option with a CDN optionality

Bunny Storage sets itself apart from other cloud storage services by prioritizing reliability and performance. Powered by Bunny CDN’s robust infrastructure, Bunny Storage ensures optimal uptime and data availability. By leveraging multiple data centers strategically located across Europe, Bunny Storage minimizes latency and guarantees fast and efficient access to stored files.

Affordable Pricing Model

One of the primary advantages of Bunny Storage is its cost-effectiveness compared to Amazon S3. By offering competitive pricing plans, Bunny Storage enables businesses and individuals to reduce their storage costs significantly. This affordability makes Bunny Storage an attractive option for startups, small businesses, and budget-conscious users who seek reliable cloud storage without breaking the bank.

SFTP Support for Seamless File Uploading

While Bunny Storage awaits direct integration with Amazon S3, it compensates with its seamless SFTP support. With SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), users can securely upload files to their Bunny Storage accounts, ensuring the privacy and integrity of their data. Whether it’s a single file or bulk uploads, Bunny Storage’s SFTP support simplifies the process, eliminating potential obstacles and saving valuable time.

Making Files Publicly Accessible

Bunny Storage recognizes the need for file accessibility and offers users the option to make their stored files publicly available. By following the guidelines outlined in Bunny CDN’s support article (linked below), users can easily configure their files’ permissions and access controls. This feature is particularly useful for sharing large files, distributing content, or integrating Bunny Storage into a website or application.

Easy Steps to Make Your Files Publicly Accessible

Bunny CDN provides a comprehensive support article on how to access and deliver files from Bunny Storage. By following these simple steps, users can configure their files for public access, including setting up the appropriate headers and caching options. This ensures seamless and efficient content delivery to end-users, enhancing the overall user experience.

Link to a custom domain name

Bunny also created a guide to link the Bunny Storage / CDN location to a custom domain. Check out the article. Or read our own Bunny CNAME article.


Bunny Storage emerges as a compelling alternative to Amazon S3, offering a cost-effective and reliable cloud storage solution in Europe. With its robust infrastructure, Bunny Storage guarantees high availability and fast access to stored files. While awaiting direct S3 integration, Bunny Storage compensates with SFTP support, allowing users to securely upload their files. Additionally, the option to make files publicly accessible enhances the service’s versatility and usability. As Bunny Storage continues to evolve and expand its features, it presents an enticing option for individuals and businesses seeking affordable and dependable cloud storage services.

Want to start with Bunny Storage? Learn more about Bunny Storage.

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