Is Ecosia Veilig? Onze Review van de Duurzamere Zoekmachine

Veel mensen vragen zich af of Ecosia een veilige zoekmachine is om te gebruiken. Als je op zoek bent naar een duurzame manier om het internet te gebruiken, dan is Ecosia een goede optie. Het bedrijf heeft al meer dan 100 miljoen bomen geplant in landen over de hele wereld en heeft als doel om miljarden bomen te planten. Bovendien is Ecosia transparant over waar de bomen geplant worden en hoe ze het planten financieren, en publiceert regelmatig updates op hun website.

Hoe veilig is Ecosia?

Wat betreft de veiligheid van Ecosia, het is belangrijk om te weten dat de zoekmachine naar eigen zeggen geen gebruikersgegevens verkoopt of deelt met derden zoals ze zelf zeggen. Het bedrijf heeft ook een privacybeleid op hun website waarin staat hoe ze omgaan met persoonlijke informatie van gebruikers.

Verder is het ook goed om te weten dat Ecosia een SSL-certificaat gebruikt om de verbinding tussen de gebruiker en de zoekmachine te beveiligen. Dit betekent dat als je informatie invoert in Ecosia, deze informatie versleuteld wordt verzonden naar de zoekmachine. Dit is belangrijk om de kans te verminderen dat hackers de informatie kunnen afluisteren tijdens het verzenden ervan.

Ecosia is dus een veilige zoekmachine om te gebruiken, hoewel de resultaten soms niet zo uitgebreid zijn als die van andere zoekmachines. Als je op zoek bent naar een duurzame manier om het internet te gebruiken en tegelijkertijd bij wilt dragen aan herbebossingsprojecten, dan is Ecosia een goede keuze. Als je echter specifieke informatie zoekt, kan het soms handig zijn om een andere zoekmachine te gebruiken. Als je tóch Google wilt gebruiken en toch bomen wilt planten, kun je ook de browser extensie en app TreeClicks gebruiken, die bomen planten voor jou wanneer je online koopt bij een van de 30.000+ aangesloten partners.

Hoe goed is Ecosia?

Hoewel Ecosia een goed doel heeft en bomen plant met elke zoekopdracht, zijn de zoekresultaten soms minder goed dan die van andere zoekmachines, zoals Google. Dit komt omdat Ecosia gebruik maakt van de zoekresultaten van Bing en die zijn soms nog wat minder goed dan die van Google. Als je dus specifieke informatie zoekt, kan het soms handig zijn om een andere zoekmachine te gebruiken.

Dus is Ecosia veilig?

Het lijkt er waarschijnlijk op dat Ecosia inderdaad veilig is en gebruikt kan worden vanaf

The best Opera Extensions 2023 – Add ons for your browser

Opera was developed by Opera Software AS, a well-known company from Norway. You can download this web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. What the majority of the users like the most is that the Opera browser operates extremely fast. No more slow surfing! Also, users like the clean look of it. However, by adding some great extensions, you can make Opera work even better and more efficiently. It will make your browser experience more fun!

Another advantage of Opera is that it was developed with some good built-in features and add-ons, for example ad-blocker. In Opera’s extensions store you can have access to many extra features to personalize your browsing experience. Opera is the most productive browser with an enormous amount of extensions that will improve the browsers’ performance. Opera browser is a lightweight program, which means that it uses few of your systems’ memory.

Depending on your browsing activity, one extension can be more useful than the other. For example, if you are most of the time surfing because of a research or business needs, Evernote Web Clipper is a very good choice. Microsoft Translator may also be a great choice, especially when you are reading articles on websites in various languages. When you are mostly surfing the net for fun, you can install the Emoji Keyboard extension to use Emoji’s instantly.

So, from all the available extensions, which ones are excellent and essential for Opera? Here we will discuss a few, and all of them are free of charges. Because Opera already comes with ad-blockers, we will not discuss this type of extensions in the list.

Your favourite Opera extensions


What about a free extension that plant trees while you are ordering your favourite products online? TreeClicks is an extension that you install in only one minute and plants trees while you are shopping in more than 10.000 popular online shops. And guess what? The shopping price remains the same, so by installing the extension you can help the environment for free! TreeClicks earns by bringing you in as a customer and the biggest part of the revenue will be used for planting trees. At the moment they are planting trees in India.

If you are a frequent buyer on web shops like Amazon, ASOS, Ikea, and Adidas, you should consider adding the TreeClicks extension to give something back to our planet.

Tree planting helps limit global warming, because trees can actually cool the earth. The best thing would be of course to decrease general consumption in order to save the environment. But this is not always possible, sometimes you really need something from an online shop, not necessarily clothing or accessories. In such cases it may be a great choice to use TreeClicks while you are buying your products online, so the company will be able to plant more trees.

Imagine that each one of us would use TreeClicks, and we would be able to give our precious earth more oxygen, perhaps we would be living on a better place with more life!

Install TreeClicks add-on for Opera >>

TreeClicks Opera Extension / Add On
The TreeClicks Extension / Add On enabled for Opera

Evernote Web Clipper for Opera

This extension is ideal for people whose job involves writing, like journalists, (content) writers, and researchers. Evernote Web Clipper helps you organize your webpages by clipping them. Are you that type of person that has endless open browsing tabs and completely loses track of what you are doing? Then this extension may be a great choice! With this extension you cannot only clip web pages, you can also clip highlights and screenshots and keep it all in one place in your account. You save it in a sort of cloud, which means that you can access the information from anywhere and whenever you like: from your phone at home, from your tablet while you’re commuting or from your computer at work. Basically, you can consider this extension as the most modern notepad.

Also, when you see something interesting online, you can share it fast and easy by using this extension. Evernote Web Clipper is a recommended extension for people who often browse the internet.

Besides, you can create reminders for notes that you clipped. The moment you are searching for something that you saved earlier, the extension will suggest your stored clips.

Imagine you are sitting in the train and some excellent ideas come into mind. With Evernote Web Clipper you can store your ideas from your phone in a fast and easy way.    

Install Evernote Web Clipper extension for Opera >>     

Google Translate as Opera Extension

What we usually see is that while people are looking for information online, they always have a tab open with a translation website. This is mostly the case if you are working with different languages, or if you need to write articles in a language other than your preferred language.

But cutting and pasting pieces of text in Google Translate online can be a little time-consuming. Therefore, Opera offers the Google Translate extension. This means that you don’t need to go back and forth anymore from your Word document to the browser. To get something translated in another language, you just highlight the text that you need, or translate a whole web page. As you can imagine, this can save you tons of time, especially when your profession is related to writing and/or translation.

Translating texts becomes very handy with the Google Translate extension. After installing the extension, it will detect when a page is not in your main language. The extension will invite you to translate the webpage. If you accept, it will refresh the page with the translated information.

Download Google Translate for the Opera Browser

Lastpass for Opera

Lastpass was created to help you log on to your favourite websites without filling in your information. Basically, you create just one password, your Lastpass password, to have access to several websites. The extension will remember your passwords, usernames and other information. The advantage of this extension is that it can sync your data across your phone and computer.

Lastpass is a powerful password manager. After downloading the extension, you have to create an account. Then, you need to create a very strong password. All set? Click on ‘unlock my vault’. The extension is the place where you control the websites that you frequently access.

In Lastpass you can save website information, such as your username and password. When you access this website again, an emblem of Lastpass will appear on the login field. When you click on it, you can select your credential and Lastpass will complete the missing information.

Install Lastpass for Opera

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is a helpful extension, especially if you would like to know if your email has been read, or if you want to schedule an email for a future date. Write an email now and the extension will send it next week while you are offline and enjoying your holidays. The extension is very useful if you usually communicate with people in different time zones. Also, you can create alerts when you didn’t receive an answer to your email. Furthermore, with the extension it’s possible to schedule birthday emails. The extension will make sure that you won’t forget the birthdays anymore from your dear friends and family members!

The Boomerang extension can help you to keep your inbox clean and organized. For example, you can postpone incoming emails. They will disappear from your inbox, and they will be placed in another folder. Then, the emails will be brought back in your inbox at a specified time.

The basic version of the extension is for free, but if you want to take the extension to a higher level you can opt for the Personal, Pro or Premium versions. A disadvantage of the basic version is that it has a limit of ten message credits per month. In case you are interested in installing one of the paid versions, the cost will be $4.99 per month for the Personal version (including unlimited message credits), $14.99 per month for the Pro version (including smart response and recurring messages), and $49.99 per month for the Premium version (including a ‘boomerang’ of every message).

Install Boomerang for Gmail add on >>

Emoji Keyboard for Opera

Do you love using Emoji’s while writing messages? Then this extension might be for you! With the Emoji Keyboard extension you can use your favourite emojis while surfing on the web. Using Emoji’s is a fun way of communicating with your friends, without dealing with a language barrier. You can use Emoji’s on social media, emails, chats and documents. It makes it easier sometimes to express yourself.

This extension makes it possible to use Emoji’s while you are browsing your favourite websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. This works very easy: just click on an Emoji from the panel and it will automatically insert it into the website that you are using.

When you hover on Emoji’s you can see their meanings, and you can also choose the skin tone of the Emoji’s before sending them. A good thing about this extension is that it is completely free and without ads. What may be a problem is that the extension is very big in size, so it may take a while to download. Besides, this can make your browser work a bit slower.

Install Emoji Keyboard Extension for Opera >>

Amazon for Opera Extension

Many people are using Amazon nowadays. Amazon has tons of different products including toys for kids, clothing, sports apparel and gadgets. It has literally everything! With the Amazon for Opera extension you can find out Amazon’s deals of the day and you can compare prices of different products. This will not only save you money, it will also save you some precious time.

The extension comes with a universal wish list, so you can save products from different websites (not only Amazon!). This makes comparing products across websites even more easy.

The extension reacts when you are surfing on other online shops. If Amazon has the product in stock that you are looking at, the extension will give a sign with Amazon’s price of the product. It will make sure that you buy any product for the lowest possible price!

If you are a frequent shopper of Amazon, this is a must-have extension.

Install Amazon for Opera >>

Turn Off the Lights

In case you love to watch videos online and want to do that in your Opera web browser, then this extension can be a very good choice. The Turn Off the Lights extension can be used on several video streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion. You may still ask yourself what this extension does for you. With only one click it will focus on playing the video and fades out the rest of the website.

But the extension can do more than darken your browser. For example, it can allow YouTube videos to be automatically viewed in theatre mode. This means that the videos will fill most part of your screen. Besides, the extension also allows an ambient lighting mode for your browser. When you click on ‘Visual Effects’, you should then select ‘Show you the atmosphere lighting effect of the current playing video’. Besides, you can choose to ‘Extract the colour from the video’.

In case you enjoy the ‘Turn Off the Lights’ idea, the extension gives you the possibility to see any website in a pseudo-night mode. The extension has much more to offer, so if you are curious, find out more by installing the extension.

Install Turn Off the Lights for Opera Extension >>

Summary: the best Opera Browser Add Ons

So, to summarize. In our opinion the best Opera Extensions are:

  1. TreeClicks
  2. Evernote Web Clipper
  3. Google Translate
  4. Lastpass
  5. Boomerang for Gmail
  6. Emoji Keyboard
  7. Amazon for Opera
  8. Turn Off the Lights

Opera Extensions Conclusion

In this article we discussed some well-known and popular Opera extensions. Depending on your browsing activities, some extensions may be more fun or useful than others. But we think that one extension should be used by everyone, and that’s the first one we discussed: TreeClicks. Why not contributing to a better world for free while you are shopping your favourite products? Besides this extension, you may find it useful to install the Google Translate extension, Lastpass or maybe the Emoji keyboard. All these extensions have great features that will take your browsing experience to a whole other level.

BTW, most Opera extensions are also on Chrome.

3 Sustainability and Tree Planting related Chrome extensions

Being sustainable is increasing in popularity. Except from eating less meat, flying less, recycling, etc. there’s also ways to browse as sustainable as possible. In this article we’re giving 3 Chrome extensions that make living sustainable easier. Some even plant trees for free!TreeClicks Screenshot - a sustainability Chrome Extension that plants trees for free

1. TreeClicks – Plant Free Trees While Shopping

TreeClicks is a recently launched Chrome & Firefox extension that plants trees for free while shopping. It works simple.

  1. You go to
  2. Download the TreeClicks Chrome or Firefox extension
  3. When you shop at one of their more than 50.000 connected stores, trees are planted from the ad fee they receive. You do have to activate the TreeClicks popup that shows up when you visit one of their connected stores.

When shopping a decent amount, it’s easy to help planting already a couple of trees. Since online shopping is a 500 billion dollar business in the United States, if only a tiny percentage of this fee goes into tree planting, TreeClicks could plant billions of trees. Download now.

2. Tab for a cause

Tab for a Cause is a very simple Chrome extension that shows a tab with an advertisement every time you open a new tab. A part of that ad revenue is used for causes. You can select your own causes. If you want a sustainable cause, choose for example a Nature Conservancy related cause.

Like all mentioned extensions in this article, Tab for a Cause is free and can be installed for both Firefox and Chrome.

3. DoneGood – shop more ethical

DoneGood is a simple Chrome Extension that recommends brands that make the world better a place.

It’s an online shopping assistant automatically recommends the best ethical, sustainable brands as you shop on Amazon, Google, or other retail websites. Plus, with exclusive offers and discount codes for 25% off or more, you can easily shop your values while saving money at the same time.

Other handy Chrome Extensions

While this is a short list, there’s many other great Chrome Extensions. Check them out here:

  • Adblock
  • Article about other productivity Chrome Extension
  • Forest: This Chrome extension is also sustainability related. It plants a virtual tree. That one gets destroyed if you browse un-useful websites.
  • Grammarly: Chrome Extension that checks your input on grammar and spell errors.

Or read tips for other Chrome Extensions. What is your favorite Chrome extensions for doing good or supporting the environment?

Waarom de Secrid portemonnee NIET duurzaam is

Vier jaar geleden heb ik een Secrid portemonnee in gebruik genomen. Het is in principe de eerste vier jaar een top product. Wanneer je googlet op: “Secrid duurzaamheid” zie je veel posts die hem als duurzaam aanprijzen. Zoals BNR beschrijft:

Secrid produceert hun slimme portemonnee bij Nederlandse sociale werkplaatsen en gebruiken het leer van lokale leerlooiers.

Dat klinkt fantastisch en sommige shops noemen de portemonnee zelfs 100% recyclebaar en duurzaam.

Eerste tekenen van uitelkaar gaan na ongeveer drie jaar

Helaas, na drie jaar beginnen de naden van de cardprotector en het leer los te laten. Nu, na ruim vier jaar zit hij nog aan een paar naden vast, maar is hij zo goed als kapot:

Secrid kapot

secrid kapot 2

Jammer, maar aangezien Secrid zo een duurzaam bedrijf is, zullen ze hier ongetwijfeld vaker te maken mee krijgen en een passend oplossing hebben.

Tijd om de klantenservice te mailen …

Mailen met de Secrid klantenservice

Secrid geeft aan dat ze een garantietermijn hebben van twee jaar. De termijn wordt met een jaar verlengd als je je wallet registreert. Helaas kunnen ze niks meer doen voor mijn portemonnee:

Wij hanteren een garantietermijn van 2 jaar en sinds 2016 is het mogelijk om een 3e jaar garantie te krijgen door de wallet te registeren. De garantietermijn is dus helaas voorbij en daarom kunnen wij je niet verder helpen.

Zelfs als ik ze aanbied om de reparatiekosten voor eigen rekening te nemen kunnen ze niks doen. Zoals ik ze mail:

Dat snap ik helemaal. Wat zouden de kosten zijn om hem te laten repareren? Ik vind het zonde om hem weg te gooien en volgens mij gaat dat ook jullie eigen duurzaamheidsprincipe tegen?

Daarop reageert de klantenservice van Secrid met:

Helaas is het niet mogelijk om het leer te repareren. Normaalgesproken sturen we een nieuw product als het nog binnen de garantietermijn valt. Je zou het zelf kunnen proberen te naaien, maar ik weet niet of dit echt gaat werken. Ik ben bang dat je toe bent aan een nieuw product.

Dan maar zelf repareren

Het kost je een uur en de nodige frustratie, maar het lukte me inderdaad om de portemonnee zelf te repareren met naald en draad:

Secrid naald en draad Secrid naaien Secrid genaaid en gerepareerd

Een druppeltje lijm langs de naden doet wellicht ook nog wat wonderen.

Verdere tips voor Secrid zelf

Nou heb ik geen zin om zuur te worden en onredelijke uitspraken over Secrid te doen. De wallet is vier jaar meegegaan, niet slecht, maar ik had van zo een hip designbedrijf dat zichzelf als duurzaam profileert toch meer oplossingen verwacht. Ik weet zeker dat veel mensen niet de moeite zouden nemen om de portemonnee te naaien, waardoor deze op de vuilnishoop belandt.

Secrid CEO, mocht je dit lezen, hier heb je wat tips van bedrijven die wel kaas gegeten hebben van duurzaamheid:

  • Mud Jeans – Hier lease je een spijkerbroek voor €5 per maand. Als ie kapot gaat, stuur je hem op en krijg je een gerepareerde of nieuwe. Wellicht een idee voor Secrid om te starten met leasen van portemonnees voor een tientje per jaar?
  • Eastpak – Biedt uit mijn hoofd 30 jaar garantie. Ik heb hier ooit mijn tien jaar oude rugzak naartoe teruggestuurd, omdat de ritssluiting kapot was. Binnen een paar weken kreeg ik weer een werkende tas terug. Eastpak heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de afvalhoop net een stukje kleiner blijft.

P.S. repareren is op eigen risico. Ga er vanuit dat je van Secrid in ieder geval weinig hulp krijgt.