Creating discount for your customers in Magento

Ever wondered how to set up discount for your customers? Here’s a how to guide:

Discount based on a coupon code

1. So you would like to create a discount based on a coupon code? Log in to your admin, go to promotions -> shopping cart pricerules and click on ‘add new pricerule’. Give the rule a name.

2. Select all discount groups with ctrl or shift. Select ‘specific coupon’ on the dropdown and at ‘discount code’ enter your discount code.

You can specify an end date as well at ’till date’.

Don’t want to use coupon code?

If you don’t want to use a coupon code, skip step 2.

Discount amount

Navigate to the tab ‘actions’ and at the field ‘discount amount’ enter the amount of discount you would like to give with the coupon. You can choose a fixed amount or a percentage at the dropdown ‘apply’.

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