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With a Magento blog it’s quite easy exporting your products to an Ebay store with free plugins like M2EPro. That is a free plugin, bought by Ebay, that’s able to export your full shop to other languages. When you have an Ebay store, it doesn’t run by itself mostly. Here are some optimisation tips (Ebay SEO tips) in order to get more visitors and get more orders.

1. Set up the store

In order to set up the store, make sure you use the documentation of M2EPro. If you’re stuck, send them a mail. Their support is great!

When the store is set up, make sure you have set shipping cost for all countries, which are reasonable. Also communicate your pro’s in the product’s description template.

2. Get reviews for good SEO effort

Ebay is all about trust. In order to getting a get reputation, get enough reviews. The more reviews the better

3. Enter meta information in Ebay (meta title and meta description)

Just like regular SEO, with your Ebay Store meta description and meta title is very important. Set up your keywords here: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?StoreMgmtViewCustomKeywords . Don’t use to much keywords, as it will be used in the meta title, which shouldn’t be too long as you know as a SEO expert.

4. Use enough content in your home store page

Like almost every site, the homepage has the most link value. So use this power of the homepage. Create some content in the header text and state all the keywords you want to use.

5. Build links to your store

Make sure you get found in Google as well with enough links to your Ebay Store. Make use of linkbuilding. Use your own site (maybe it has some value) and link to your Ebay Store.

6. Use one Ebay tld

Ebay has the strange behaviour that it’s store functionality has many different tld’s. Like stores.ebay.co.uk and stores.ebay.com . If you use SEO and you only use one language and one region, build links mostly on one tld (like .co.uk) in order to maximise the potential of one domain, so it gets all the link value. An example of such a Ebay Store is QSP Products.

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