Laravel Bref Serverless ENOMEM memory issues – solving them

When calling:

serverless deploy

I receive:

Cannot read file vendor/laravel/octane/src/Concerns/ProvidesRouting.php due to: ENOMEM: not enough memory, open '/home/vagrant/Code/tc/vendor/laravel/octane/src/Concerns/ProvidesRouting.php'


Cannot read file vendor/laravel/octane/src/Commands/StatusCommand.php due to: ENOMEM: not enough memory, open '/home/vagrant/Code/tc/vendor/laravel/octane/src/Commands/StatusCommand.php'

This is likely because your computer of Virtualbox / vagrant instance does not have enough memory.

I tried increasing the memory in Virtualbox, but that didn’t work.

Strangely enough, when exiting the vagrant environment, installing serverless on my Mac and running the command again from there, it works:

serverless deploy

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