Magento Account Session Problems Google Chrome + Safari

This is the probable solution:

Having session/cookie problems with webkit browsers (e.g. Chrome) in Magento? Go to System -> Configuration -> Web -> Session Cookie Management and set “Use HTTP Only” to no. Have fun. (Thanks to

Setting your cookies to ‘36000’ instead of 3600 could be a solution as well.

4 thoughts on “Magento Account Session Problems Google Chrome + Safari”

  1. This doesn’t work if the server has https enabled? A customer can’t login if the cookie isn’t https but the login page is https.

    1. Exactly! I got excited for a minute – then same thing. It wouldn’t any more after initial login…:(

  2. we have a LIVE magento site from last one year.

    recently we are facing very difficult problem from Browser cookies.

    Frontend is not opening and keep on loading and never load.

    we are using HTTPS for secure pages.

    we are facing problem in chrome, mozilla , opera, safari and all other browsers.

    1)If we clear the BROWSER COOKIES, than its working.

    2)If we clear the VAR/SESSION folder, than its working.

    3)If we open the site in freshly installed browsers, its working for some time. again same problem. as cookies will occupy after visiting site.

    There is no problem in Backend

    we followed this : but it did’t worked.

    IS it related to only cookies problem or our template code problem?

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