Linking Magento with MailChimp

Would you like to link Magento with Mailchimp? Create an account at Download and install the MageMonkey plugin from: Grab the API key from MailChimp. Login -> Account -> API Key -> Add a Key Insert the API key in Magento under System -> Configuration -> Clients -> MailChimp -> API Key

Removing blocks from Magento

So you started a new Magento webshop and got overwhelmed by lots of features and widgets? It could be that you would like to remove some widgets and plugins. In order to do that, navigate to: /app/design/frontend/default/default/layout and open local.xml (or create it). On top, between the <default>…</default> tags place the removal codes: Removing the …

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Improved Magento Checkout (Free one page step checkout)

One of the most important pages of your webshop is the checkout page. When people want to checkout, they expect a fast way of checkout. Unfortunately the current checkout of Magento is still a bit annoying, because of the illogical checkout process. Free Better Checkout So what should you do? Buy an expensive one step …

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Changing the size of product pictures in Magento

Standard the size of Magento product icon pictures are 135 x 135 pixels. For most purposes that size is a bit to small. How to change the size of these picture? Changing the size of product images on category list To change the size of  the image open your website directory and navigate to: app/design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product …

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Hello world! Welcome to DevProblems.

Dev Problems is a new blog on which I share all kind of problems that I come across myself in developing Magento, Laravel and other websites. For example I share tips about plugins, common problems and more. Keep track of this blog, because I’ll try to post updates on regulary basis.

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