Best Google Chrome Extensions 2023: 23 Must-Haves

Looking for the best Google Chrome Extensions? Youve come to the right place! So many people nowadays use Google Chrome as their favourite web browser. Easy to understand. It is super fast and powerful. But what makes it even better, is the enormous amount of extensions and add-ons, giving it a huge variety of functions. In this article, you will find the best Google Chrome Extensions for blocking ads, privacy, shopping, causes and sustainability, tab management, and students.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Causes and Sustainability

1. TreeClicks

Who says shopping is bad for the planet? Well, a lot of people actually. And it is. Just think about all of the carbon dioxide, toxins, and pollution coming from the production, transportation, packaging, and waste production of your stuff. Fortunately, there is an extension that you can use for free to reduce your carbon footprint while you shop! Its called TreeClicks. Whenever you purchase something at their 50.000+ stores (including Amazon), TreeClicks receives an ad fee and with it, trees are planted – absorbing carbon dioxide.

Install TreeClicks for Chrome >>

TreeClicks Screenshot

2. Tab for a Cause

What better way to contribute to a good cause than doing almost nothing?! Tab for a Cause raises money for charity whenever you open a new tab in Google Chrome. Free to use, it receives ad revenue from banner ads in the tabs, that they donate to human rights, environmental, educational, water or health charities.

Install Tab for a Cause Chrome Extension >>

3. Colorblind – Dalton for Chrome

Colour blindness is more common than most people think. Up to 1 in 10 individuals can have some form of colour blindness, which can make it sometimes complicated to perceive a website’s user interface.

The Colorblind- Dalton extension comes to the rescue and can provide tests for the most commonly found types of colour blindness. The extension will automatically adjust the browser’s colour settings according to the test results. With the extension colour-blind persons will be able to see more colours and this will improve user accessibility.

The extension comes with a solution to some of the daily issues experienced by colour-blind people. People who are affected by Tritanopia (blue colour vision deficiency), Deuteranopia (green), and Protanopia (red) could benefit from this extension.

People often believe that if someone suffers from blue-yellow colour blindness, the person only has trouble seeing these colours. However, that is untrue; it’s the whole colour spectrum which is affected.

The extension is free, and the main goal is to help colour-blind people to see the world more colourful.

Install Colorblind – Dalton for Google Chrome >>

Colorblind- Dalton

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Blocking Ads

Ads and cookies are not only annoying when they pop up on your screen, but they also slow down your online activities and endanger your privacy. Use these top-rated ad-blockers to prevent this from happening. Note that if an extension excessively blocks ads, some websites may not work properly.

4. AdBlock

Advertising and the internet are inextricably connected. Many websites bombard us with banners, text ads and other advertisements (targeted or not). With AdBlock, you can block (almost) everything automatically, so you can enjoy looking at a clear, decluttered webpage. You can choose and update filters, but the extension is basically ready to go.

Install AdBlock for Google Chrome >>

5. AdBlock Plus

This is one of the best-known Google Chrome extensions for blocking ads. You install it within seconds, and it works straight away. What gives AdBlock Plus the Plus, is that there are more blocking options to choose from than with AdBlock. This way, you can configure it to your own liking.

Install AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome >>

6. Ghostery – privacy ad blocker

Ghostery is a free extension that is developed to easily detect and block web trackers that tag your movements across the Internet. Besides, the extension makes it possible to find out more about companies using these tracking systems. Ghostery is the perfect privacy extension. It will stop trackers, block ads, and speed up websites. When removing advertisements, you will be able to completely focus on the information that is useful for you. By blocking trackers, you have the power to control who is watching your movements and collecting your information. Thanks to the extension your data will be anonymized to take a step further in protecting your privacy. Ghostery will even ensure to optimize page performance by (un)blocking trackers. You will immediately notice that pages load quicker. Lastly, Ghostery has several dashboards available for its users so you can access the information that is relevant to you.

Install Ghostery – privacy ad blocker for Chrome >>

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Privacy

Google Chrome isnt exactly the best browser to use if you want to protect your privacy. It remembers your settings and favourite websites on all of your computers. The browser also automatically updates itself in the background. One solution is to switch browsers, but another one is to install an extension.

7. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger lets you block third party advertisements. The service is super smart: every time the server thinks that an advertiser is about to violate any privacy laws, it blocks that advertiser from retrieving your personal information. 

Install Privacy Badger extension for Google Chrome >>

8. DuckDuckGo

If you want to try a different search engine than Google, you can use DuckDuckGo. This search engine doesnt trace, save or use any information for commercial purposes. The DuckDuckGo extension integrates with Chrome and makes searching easy. Of course, its not as good as Google, but if privacy is your priority, DuckDuckGo is the way to go! 

Install DuckDuckGo extension for Google Chrome >>


Link shorteners are convenient because they make it easier to manage unhandy URLs. The bad news is that you never know where a shortened link can take you. Are you a frequent user of Twitter, Digg, or other services that expose their users to shortened URLs? If yes, you may be concerned that these links may not lead you to where they are supposed to, and that they will damage your device. is an extension that protects your privacy by preventing short link services from tracking your movements on the web. After installing the extension, you will be automatically sent to the link expansion page each time you click on a shortened link. You will get a clear view of where the links are taking you. The extension will also make sure to remove known tracking cookies from the URLs. The extension has a list of more than 300 link shortening services, and they update this list frequently.

Install extension for Google Chrome >>

10. User-Agent Switcher

With the User-Agent Switcher extension you can easily and quickly swap the user-agent string, to trick your browser’s identity. It’s a useful extension for old websites that require specific browsers. Besides, you can swap between desktop and mobile views of a website.

A user-agent is a text description of your device, that is sent with every web request. Websites can recognize the browser that you are using and show different content accordingly. For example, when you are browsing the web with your iPhone, you will see a special mobile website.

The extension is the easiest way to switch between user-agents in your browser. It makes it easier to browse the net, regardless of which browser you prefer. Once you downloaded the extension it will add a toolbar button so that you can easily toggle between different user agent strings.

Changing user-agent will help you to mimic other browsers, devices, or search engine spiders.

Install User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome >>

User-Agent Switcher

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Shopping 

Do you shop online frequently? Might be a good idea to download these useful extensions, that help save you money and make shopping online even more convenient.

11. Honey

Honey is an extension that finds and tests discount coupon codes all over the UK, Canada and the US. Once added to your browser, you can shop online like you are used to. Then, when checking out, click on the Find Savings button and Honey will try to find and apply a coupon code.

Install Honey extension for Google Chrome >>

Best Google Chrome Extensions for

Talking about shopping, Amazon dominates the online shopping world. If you use Amazon regularly and like to know what deals are on at the moment (who doesnt?!), the following extension will make your life a lot easier.

12. Amazon Lightning Deal Watcher

Amazon Lightening Deals offers a button in the toolbar of the extension, showing the number of current and upcoming deals. Click on the button to see what deals there are. You can view an image of the product, the price, a short description, information about when the deal is about to start and end, and the number of remaining products. Clicking on a product takes you to the designated Amazon page. If you want, you can also receive a notification on your phone when the deal is about to start.

Get the Keepa / Amazon Dealwatcher Extension for Google Chrome >>

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Tab Management

Speaking of tabs, how many tabs do you have open right now? Did you know that it can actually increase your stress levels to leave too many tabs open? Its recommended to have no more than 5 tabs open at the same time. I know, thats easier said than done. Fortunately, you can use this extension to help you out:

13. Save my Tabs

Can’t seem to choose what tabs to close? Just save them for later. Use Save my Tabs to save all of your tabs in one go. It saves all your opened tabs as bookmarks, so you can come back to them any time you want. Tip: Create a separate folder first, so they dont get mixed up with the tabs you want to save next time.

Install Save my Tabs for Google Chrome >>

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Students massively use the internet – and Google Chrome – for research and educational purposes. So, what are the two best Google Chrome Extensions students ought to have?

14. Grammarly

Grammarly is free to use and is a lifesaver for many students. Whenever you type something in Chrome, even in your email, Grammarly automatically checks the grammar and spelling. Errors are underlined in red, so its easy to spot them. Simply hover your mouse on the word, and it will give you several potential corrections.

Install Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome >>

15. Google Dictionary

Browsing the web with Google Chrome can have you run into quite a few unfamiliar words. Dont have the slightest idea of what a word means? Add Google Dictionary to your browser and expand your vocabulary within seconds. Simply click on a word and Google Dictionary shows you the definition in a pop-up window. If youre using a different language (say Dutch), then go to My Language and switch the language from English to your desired language. You can also easily launch a Google search for the word and see how the word is used in different contexts. The extension is free to use.

Install Google Dictionary for Google Chrome >>

16. Cite This For Me: Web Citer

All researchers and students know how difficult it can be sometimes to properly attribute online articles. Cite This For Me is an extension that helps you to create a formatted website citation for the APA (6th edition), Chicago (16th edition), MLA (7th edition), and Harvard citation styles. For many students this may sound like music to their ears. With only one click you can create website citations and easily save or copy them for use in your documents.

All you need to do is visit the page you would like to cite and click on the button to create a correctly formatted citation. Then you can just copy and past the citation into your document, but you can also save it to your online bibliography so you can access it again later.

The extension makes it even possible to add other sources, such as newspapers, books, and journals.

Install Cite This For Me for Google Chrome >>

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

17. CrxMouse Gestures

The CrxMouse Gestures extension will add handy mouse gesture macros to improve web navigation. Besides, it allows you to add mouse shortcuts for opening and closing new tabs, to navigate backwards and forwards in your tab history, and to copy information. The extension will also help to accelerate frequent navigation tasks. On the Settings menu you will find advanced scrolling options in order to control your scrolling speed, directions, smoothness, and more. All gestures are synced across different desktop devices, as long as you are using the same Google account and have the extension installed. CrxMouse is and will always be a free extension that makes it possible to create custom mouse shortcuts for an improved browser experience. Besides, it has no advertisements. Become more productive and effective with CrxMouse!

Install CrxMouse Gestures for Google Chrome >>

CrxMouse Gestures


Work smarter, not harder!

Do you need an extension that helps you organizing to-do lists? makes it possible to sync your tasks and checklists to and from all your devices. With the extension you can create new lists, reminders, add notes, share tasks, and more. You will get your things done better thanks to this extension and you will never lose track of your agenda again. can also help teams hit their goals and increase productivity. You will have access to your to-do’s, reminders, and calendar on any mobile device, desktop, and web to keep track of your agenda wherever you go.

Make sure to set reminders to avoid forgetting important events. You can create one-time, recurring, and location-based reminders. Even grocery shopping lists can be created with this extension, and you can share them with family and friends. Besides, you can import online recipes and it works with Siri and Alexa as well.

The extension comes with amazing themes and powerful features. If you are a busy bee and love to save time while achieving great things, this extension is for you!

Install for Google Chrome >>

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Fun

 19. Pablo

Pablo is an extension developed to create artful images that fit every social network. For example, you can add the images to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The extension has more than 500.000 images to choose from. It allows for highlighting texts and selection of images that you can then customize the way you want to. You can change typography, font sizes, and formatting. The extension will help you to quickly increase the engagement on your social media posts. It has been found that blog posts with images have 94% more views than blog posts without images. Pablo is totally free, and you don’t need to create an account. Besides, there is no design experience needed; the extension can be used by anyone. You can choose images from the extension or upload your own images. Type a text in the text box and choose your favourite image as background. When you’re ready, you can share the image to any social media that you like or download it to your computer.

Install Pablo for Google Chrome >>


20. Wikiwand

Thanks to Wikiwand, Wikipedia’s content can be optimized for a better reading experience. You will get clean, organized text columns with an integrated side menu including the table of contents, a better media gallery with larger photos, and other great features that make reading easier and quicker. The extension replaces each Wikipedia link with a link to the same article on Wikiwand. You can even personalize colour, font, and layout.

Wikipedia is the greatest curator of knowledge; we are all Wikipedia fans! It helps people worldwide to freely access millions of articles in 288 languages. The only problem with Wikipedia is that it was built a long time ago, and it has not changed much over time. Wikiwand was created to optimize Wikipedia’s fantastic content for a better reading experience. It’s all about providing users a modern and enjoyable interface to the human knowledge.

If you would like to upgrade your Wikipedia experience, Wikiwand is the perfect solution.

Install Wikiwand for Google Chrome >>


21. Stylish

Tired of boring websites? Stylish helps you to customize various websites by applying custom themes, changing the colour scheme, or adjusting fonts. There are themes available for everything, including Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and even WhatsApp. With the extension you can apply themes from the database to your favourite websites or create your own theme for other users to apply. You can adjust any website according to your personal taste.

Stylish is an amazing platform for developers to test their creative skills, share their knowledge and experience and receive credit for their unique work. You can find tutorials that will help you with installing the extension, and how to create and upload themes to the library.

With Stylish you can also easily disable, edit or delete any of your themes. Create your own beautiful theme and share it with millions of other users!

Install Stylish for Google Chrome >>


22. TinEye Reverse Image Search

Have you ever come across an image online that you wanted to use, but did it have, for example, a low resolution? With TinEye you can find other versions of any image. With only one click you will find where else on the Internet the image has been used. TinEye is the first image search engine to use image identification technology, and not keywords or watermarks.

Once you submit an image to the extension, it will create a unique digital signature for it and then compares this to other images to find matches. The great thing is that TinEye finds exact matches, even if an image is resized, edited, or cropped! The extension adds tens of millions new images to its database on a weekly basis.

You can use the extension by uploading an image or searching by URL, or by dragging and dropping your images to start your search.

Install TinEye Reverse Image Search for Google Chrome >>

TinEye Reverse Image Search

23. Screencastify

The Screencastify extension allows you to easily create recordings. The extension also has annotation tools to spotlight your mouse cursor, highlight mouse clicks or draw with a pen. In this way, you can keep your audience focused on what matters. Once you are done recording, it will automatically save to your Google Drive account. You will have a shareable link, or you can decide to upload your video directly to YouTube. You can export your recording as an MP4, animated GIF, or MP3.

If you want to use the free version of Screencastify, your videos will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Besides, you can’t create more than 50 videos per month, and all the videos are provided with a watermark. For only $29 per year you can use the extension without limitations, and you will also have access to expanded export options.

Whether you are an experienced or brand-new video creator, Screencastify can be used by anyone. You can choose to capture your webcam only, your whole screen, or just your tab. You can insert your webcam anywhere in your recording and you can use your microphone to narrate. No Internet? No problem, because there is also the possibility to record offline.

Install Screencastify for Google Chrome >>


So to summarize, in our opinion, the best Google Chrome Extensions are:


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After changing lots of stuff and trying out a lot, I found out it’s best to restore a backup of your vmdk file. For Linux and Windows there seem to be restore tools (not sure if these will work),  but not for Mac.

So, after trying to restore your backup, hopefully everything works (always backup your new file before restoring as well). Everything is at your own risk of course. Good luck!

3 Sustainability and Tree Planting related Chrome extensions

Being sustainable is increasing in popularity. Except from eating less meat, flying less, recycling, etc. there’s also ways to browse as sustainable as possible. In this article we’re giving 3 Chrome extensions that make living sustainable easier. Some even plant trees for free!TreeClicks Screenshot - a sustainability Chrome Extension that plants trees for free

1. TreeClicks – Plant Free Trees While Shopping

TreeClicks is a recently launched Chrome & Firefox extension that plants trees for free while shopping. It works simple.

  1. You go to
  2. Download the TreeClicks Chrome or Firefox extension
  3. When you shop at one of their more than 50.000 connected stores, trees are planted from the ad fee they receive. You do have to activate the TreeClicks popup that shows up when you visit one of their connected stores.

When shopping a decent amount, it’s easy to help planting already a couple of trees. Since online shopping is a 500 billion dollar business in the United States, if only a tiny percentage of this fee goes into tree planting, TreeClicks could plant billions of trees. Download now.

2. Tab for a cause

Tab for a Cause is a very simple Chrome extension that shows a tab with an advertisement every time you open a new tab. A part of that ad revenue is used for causes. You can select your own causes. If you want a sustainable cause, choose for example a Nature Conservancy related cause.

Like all mentioned extensions in this article, Tab for a Cause is free and can be installed for both Firefox and Chrome.

3. DoneGood – shop more ethical

DoneGood is a simple Chrome Extension that recommends brands that make the world better a place.

It’s an online shopping assistant automatically recommends the best ethical, sustainable brands as you shop on Amazon, Google, or other retail websites. Plus, with exclusive offers and discount codes for 25% off or more, you can easily shop your values while saving money at the same time.

Other handy Chrome Extensions

While this is a short list, there’s many other great Chrome Extensions. Check them out here:

  • Adblock
  • Article about other productivity Chrome Extension
  • Forest: This Chrome extension is also sustainability related. It plants a virtual tree. That one gets destroyed if you browse un-useful websites.
  • Grammarly: Chrome Extension that checks your input on grammar and spell errors.

Or read tips for other Chrome Extensions. What is your favorite Chrome extensions for doing good or supporting the environment?

Best Techno DJs of 2023 – complete top 10 techno DJs list

In this article we’ll give the best (melodic) techno and deep-house DJ’s. We’ll give some upcoming artists that we like and a couple of top techno, house and deep-house DJs that we like.

Best Techno DJs and Melodic Techno DJs according to us – top 10

To start with, this list is highly subjective, meaning it’s just our personal favourites. It can differ per person what favourite / best techno DJs are. And it also doesn’t mean this is our absolute list. Great new techno artists arise every month, and it’s always great to give them a stage as well. So if you know a great new artist, leave a comment. Alright, there goes the list of top techno djs.

Watchlist: interesting and upcoming techno djs that didn’t make the top 10:

12. Peggy Gou

Ok, we’ll start with two that didn’t make it to the top 10, but are making a great name. Peggy Gou is the first one.

11. Like Yellow

Amsterdam-based DJ Like Yellow is a newcomer to this list. Also just not in the top 10. With his dreamy techno sound, he creates a cosmic atmosphere:

Here the real top 10 list starts:

10. Adam Beyer

Swedish Techno DJ Adam Beyer, owner of the Drumcode label produced lots of albums full of techno music. His sets are vibrant and hard, like this one on Awakenings Festival. Makes him a great starter of the list of best techno djs.

9. Gabriel Ananda

Running his own Soulful Techno label, Gabriel Ananda made a new style more mellow and melodic techno available to the larger crowd. Although, some techno purists may find him too soft, this mix may prove different:

8. Solomun

Owner of the Diynamic label and parties, mister Solomun not only creates great techno records, he just gives amazing parties. Not a surprise that he got invited by Cercle to play in an antique theatre:

7. Carl Cox

There’s not many DJs that celebrated the change of Millennium twice by flying back into an earlier timezone. But Carl Cox did. A man that’s there serving the crowd, also proven by this set, when the power is lost:

6. Joris Voorn

Dutch DJ Joris Voorn is a great funky techno and tech-house producer. While his sets are sometimes a bit softer, Joris just likes to play what he wants. While he also is a resident DJ for Awakenings, he sometimes plays harder styles. This set proves it:

5. Olivier Weiter

Olivier Weiter is also a Dutch DJ that has a deep and hard electro sound. This older set gives an amazing vibe during a festival:

4. Adriatique

Swiss brothers Adriatique not only produce great tracks, they also perform with a deep electro techno sound. Oh, and, they play at the strangest locations. What do you think of this winter sport location in the Alpe d’Huez:

3. Dixon

Dixon also landed in the top in the Resident Advisor top 100 (which was discontinued). And not without a reason, he creates an eclectic vibe by mixing harder techno tracks with slow and groovy melodic tracks, without it sounding strange. Hopefully this Dekmantel set proves that:

2. Âme DJ

A great friend of Dixon is Âme and they often play great parties together. Âme is a music couple consisting of Âme Live (Frank Wiedemann) and the Âme DJ (Kristian Beyer). Having a similar variating mixing style as Dixon, Âme makes your techno festival a hit. Who wouldn’t like to stand in this crowd:

1. Maceo Plex

Techno legend Maceo Plex closes the list. We love him because of his wild playing style, often just mixing very drum and bass like sounds with techno and melodic tracks. This video proves it. Although, the weather ain’t so good, most people don’t seem to bother (perhaps the crowd would have enjoyed Maceo’s set even more if they would have switched of their mobile phone):

So to summarize, these are our favourite (Melodic) Techno DJs:

  1. Maceo Plex
  2. Âme – DJ
  3. Dixon
  4. Adriatique
  5. Olivier Weiter
  6. Joris Voorn
  7. Carl Cox
  8. Solomun
  9. Gabriel Ananda
  10. Adam Beyer
  11. Like Yellow
  12. Peggy Gou

Best Deep House DJs – a Top 5 List

5. Matter

Australian-based Matter is not that familiar yet compared to the rest, but he created such an amazing Progressive House sound. Cosmic, floating and dreamy. Hope you like his Rainbow Serpent set:

4. Ben Böhmer

German producer and DJ Ben Böhmer produces amazing deep tracks. He often plays for Anjunadeep. Although, we already used this set in other articles, it’s so good, we can’t embed it enough:

3. Mees Salomé

While Mees is just in his early twenties, he creates very professional productions. This day on Dutch beach Scheveningen is probably his own highlight, playing his own superb productions:

2. Kölsch DJ

Danish Kölsch has produced so many known records that he deserves the second spot on this list. Also live, he performs lovely:

1. Fritz Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner has created so many great tracks, but his “Sky and Sand” is probably is most familiar one:

To summarize, our favourite / Top 5 Deep House DJs are:

  1. Fritz Kalkbrenner
  2. Kölsch
  3. Mees Salomé
  4. Ben Böhmer
  5. Matter

Curious to our favourite Techno & Deep-House Mixes, our Top 15 Techno & Deep-House Tracks or perhaps our favourite techno remixes?

Word count – about 800 words

How to fix the Google Analytics gtag.js Low or 0% Bounce Rate

When using the new Google Analytics gtag.js and sending custom dimensions or metrics as events you can see a 0% or very low bounce rate. Something like:

Low bounce rate Google Analytics

That might look unusual low, so in most cases it’s a bug. In my case it was caused by sending a local_dimension or metric:

gtag('event', 'x_dimension', {'x123': 'variabletext', 'y456' : 'variabletext'});

It’s caused by not adding non_interaction mode in this event:

{'non_interaction': true}

So in total it becomes:

gtag('event', 'x_dimension', {'x123': 'variabletext', 'y456' : 'variabletext', 'non_interaction': true});

Hopefully this fixes it for you as well. More info on the GA Docs.

Best Techno, House & Deep-House Remixes of Old & Popular Songs

Remixing is an essential part of electronic music culture. Often great tracks are polished and recreated by great artists in order to be able to play these tracks in sets.

This article gives you the best house & techno remixes of old dance music and the best house & techno remixes of old pop music songs.


Best techno & house remixes of old dance songs

16. Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

What a starter of the list. It’s so full of emotion and Maya Janes Coles created an amazing remix of the track with some very garage-like hats and drums. Great techno or tech-house remix.

15. Digitalism – Destination Breakdown (Gerd Janson Remix)

Very disco-style remix from the track Destination Breakdown by Digitalism, very clear, warm and nice remix by Gerd Janson.

14. Close feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba – Beam Me Up (George FitzGerald Remix)

Very electro and techno-ish remix. Nice vocals as well.

13. Sasha – Xpander (Malbetrieb Raw Essential Tool)

An end 90s track has been put into a techno sauce by Malbetrieb. Best thing, the track is free available for download.

12. Guy J – Candyland (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)

Looking for a long, relaxing, chilling remix for in your mix or party? This is your track. The original is more than 11 minutes long and has an amazing buildup, making it a great deep-house remix.

11. Niels van Gogh – Pulverturm (Solomun & Tomcraft Remix)

Pulverturm is an amazing 00s dance track of Niels van Gogh, although, it’s too fast to play on techno festivals. That’s why Bosnian Techno Hero Solumun slowed the track down and made an amazing remix of it.

10. Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro Remix)

Another early 00s track that did great, is simulated from Dutch Marco V. Bas Amro had the courage to put a punchy kick and a sharp hihat under it and a secret sauce that makes it a huge one.

9. Röyksopp – I had this thing (Joris Voorn Remix)

Röyksopp launched their album The Inevitable End and Joris Voorn had the honour to remix this one.

8. Cocolores – Heart Quest (Deetron Remix)

House track, full of groove and an interesting chord-line.

7. Caribou – Sun (Oliver Schories Remix)

This older remix has a great break of the older number Sun. It’s very relaxing, yet melodic.

6. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Dixon Remix)

Maybe one of our favourite techno-tracks by German hero Dixon. Such a sweet and warm sound. His remixes are of overwhelming good quality. So good, that Dixon is in the list twice (sorry, spoiler alert ;-)).

5. Ry, Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix)

Best pop techno & house remixes

Making remixes of pop songs is always next level, that’s why those rank the highest.

4. Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Dutch Bo Saris is famous in the Netherlands for winning Idols, but currently he makes a way more alternative and soul-style kind of music. His track She’s on Fire got remixed by Maya Jane Coles and she did an amazing job.

3. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler (Like Yellow Floating Above Ground Remix)


2. Remake – Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)

Maybe a bit less pop, but more house-ish. And although the remix is not received very well by all platforms, we like it a lot. Because of it’s great bassline, the tension it creates and the melodic break.

1. Depeche Mode – Cover Me (Dixon Remix)

The top remix, best one in our opinion. What Dixon did with the original is perfect. The bass line, the string, the vocals, they belong to each other and Dixon brought them in harmony like no one else could.

Best Techno & House Remixes

So in order, the best techno remixes of old dance & techno songs are:

  1. Depeche Mode – Cover Me (Dixon Remix)
  2. Remake – Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)
  3. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler (Like Yellow Floating Above Ground Remix)
  4. Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
  5. Ry, Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix)
  6. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Dixon Remix)
  7. Caribou – Sun (Oliver Schories Remix)
  8. Cocolores – Heart Quest (Deetron Remix)
  9. I had this thing (Joris Voorn Remix)
  10. Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro Remix)
  11. Niels van Gogh – Pulverturm (Solomun & Tomcraft Remix)
  12. Guy J – Candyland (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
  13. Sasha – Xpander (Malbetrieb Raw Essential Tool)
  14. Close feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba – Beam Me Up (George FitzGerald Remix)
  15. Digitalism – Destination Breakdown (Gerd Janson Remix)
  16. Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

PS. This is our opinion, so it’s very personal. If you’ve any other suggestions, leave the in the comments.

Laravel Add List-Unsubscribe Header to Mail (e.g. Mailgun & Hotmail)

When using e.g. Mailgun for Laravel Mail, sometimes it could happen that mails end up in spamfolders. One of the reasons for this is that default a List-Unsubscribe header is not set. That is a link that you send to your unsubscribe mail.

Add this code in you mail closure:

                    ->addTextHeader('List-Unsubscribe', '<' . action('NewsletterController@delete', 'YOURUSERIDORTOKEN') . '>');

So then it becomes like:

\Mail::send(['emails.newsletter-activate.html', 'emails.newsletter-activate.text'], $toMailView, function ($message) use ($email, $subject) {
                    ->addTextHeader('List-Unsubscribe', '<' . action('NewsletterController@delete', 'YOURUSERIDORTOKEN') . '>');

This seems to work in Hotmail. In our cases it removed the case where Hotmail moved our Mailgun e-mails to the SPAM-box.

Are mails completely blocked by your ISP? Ask MailGun for a new IP

We also had a case where Mailgun assigned us an IP that was blocked by Hotmail. Send a support query to Mailgun and ask for a new IP-address. With above tips Mailgun delivered our e-mails correctly in the mailbox.

Lijst van Nederlandse PSP’s om uit te sluiten in Google Analytics voor iDeal, Mollie en PayPal

Wanneer je in Google Analytics E-commercetracking, dus tracking van sales bijhoudt, valt het je misschien op dat je veel referral verkeer krijgt als veroorzaker van de sale. Als je dat opzoekt zie je dan adressen als: en . Dat zijn niet de adressen waar de bezoekers begonnen. Toch worden ze als referral bron geregistreerd.

Hoe voorkom je dit? Dit artikel legt het goed uit. Alleen is de lijst met referrals achterhaald. Wij hebben hem geüpdatet met de meeste Nederlandse banken en  Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) zoals PayPal en Mollie:

Lijst met Nederlandse PSP’s en iDeal + Mister Cash Banken


Je voegt deze lijst in Google Analytics per entry toe bij Admin > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List.

Ontbreekt er nog een bank?

Bekijk regelmatig je referral verkeer. Als je dan dingen ziet zoals bijv. voeg je hem toe aan je referral exclusion list. En laat het gerust in de comments weten!

Using PHP LinkedIn SDK to fetch Company and Profile Information via API

LinkedIn has an API that makes it possible to:

  1. Fetch Profile Information like name, email, and updates
  2. Fetch Company Information like name, email and updates
  3. Post to a Profile
  4. Post to a Company
  5. And more

There’s little written about a PHP implementation for the LinkedIn API. We’ll try to give the best articles and SDKs for PHP to kickstart your LinkedIn API implementation.

One important note: LinkedIn needs an access token that you’ll receive via OAuth2. It needs to be refreshed every 60 days. And this tutorial is (of course) on your own risk.

Create an app: Client ID and Secret

In order to start, you’ll need to create an app in LinkedIn Developers. You can do that here: . Make sure that you’re entering the redirect URL’s from where you’re starting the OAuth2 process, else the app won’t work.

Then you’ll receive a Client ID and Secret. Save those two.

Install the LinkedIn SDK

Install the LinkedIn SDK, we’re using this one: You can install it via Composer:

composer require zoonman/linkedin-api-php-client

After that, it’s installed. Then, you can use the example script here: You don’t need getenv, you can change these values to your client id and secret values:

$client = new Client(

The demo script also posts some things to your LinkedIn profile page + company page, so make sure to comment that out, so that it doesn’t happen. Then you can sign in and do your first OAuth request.

If everything works, you’ll get some profile + company info. Check your LinkedIn profile + company profile to make sure that nothing has been shared.

Saving the token

You can save the token somewhere (safely stored). And call it again. You can then modify the demo script that it initializes with the token:

// add Composer autoloader
include_once dirname(__DIR__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'vendor/autoload.php';

// import client class
use LinkedIn\Client;
use LinkedIn\Scope;
use LinkedIn\AccessToken;

// instantiate the Linkedin client

$client = new Client(

// load token from the file
$token = 'YOUR_TOKEN';
$expires = 'EXPIRY';
// instantiate access token object from stored data
$accessToken = new AccessToken($token, $expires);

// set token for client

if (!empty($token))
	// Do the client magic here!

You can put this information in a separate file as well and run it. Then you’re good to go!

Relevant resources


Good luck. Got any tips? Leave a comment below.

Top 15 Techno & Deep-House Tracks of 2020, 2021 & 2023

In this article we composed the best new 15 Techno, Melodic-Techno & Deep-House tracks of 2020. Since 2020 just started, we also include some of the best songs of 2018 and 2019. This chart is (like all charts) of course fully subjective, so if you have any suggestions, add them to the comment. Enjoy!

Note: at the bottom of these lists you’ll find a Soundcloud playlist where you can listen the track uninterrupted. We also added a Techno and Deep-House yearmix, containing los of these tracks at the bottom of this page.

Top 15 Techno & Melodic Techno Tracks

15. Moonwalk – Galatic

We’re starting with one of the latest songs of 2018, so it’s still pretty recent. Moonwalk’s Galactic is one to remember for 2019. A great opener of this list.

14. Adriatique – Voices From The Dawn

Steady delivering duo Adriatique created one of their biggest hits with “Voices From The Dawn”. This rhythmic track maintains a calm pace, but has lots of energy.

13. Patrice Baümel – Roar (Adana Twins Remix)

Patrice Baümel has multiple favourites in our list. One of them is “Roar” mixed by the Adana Twins (which also have multiple entries in this list).

12. Energy 52 – ‘Cafe Del Mar’ (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix)

Who doesn’t know the original of this track? Tale of Us did an amazing job, remixing this track into a Techno-vibe. But it doesn’t ruin to the greatness of the original.

11. Maceo Plex – Mutant Robotics

Maceo Plex already played this track a couple of times in his live sets. It’s so uplifting with dark vocals, building an amazing tension.

10. Like Yellow – Space Funk

Like Yellow created this track. Starting with a techno vibe, the melody adds, whereafter the beat drops.

9. Matador – Juniper

Okay, we must be fair, this track was actually made end of 2017. But it really got momentum in 2018, we also discovered it then. With a few short strings Matador creates this amazing vibe track.

8. ANNA – Hidden Beauties

The year 2018 really started in January with the great track Hidden Beauties of ANNA. With the low “TIME” vocal in this track, this track builds on in the climax.

7. Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet

While usually having more melodic sounds, Patrice Baümel this times creates a darker sound. With a hypnotic percussion and swinging noises, this track has an amazing vibe.

6. Adana Twins – Jupiter

The Adana Twins are famous for their darker rolling techno tunes. With a nice high pad, this tune brings in an amazing amount of energy.

5. HOSH & Tim Engelhardt – Blinded

This track has some mysterious elements and then has a sudden break with some light-sharp synth.

4. Aether – Raven

Aether describes themselves as a “sound research” project. An exploration of Ambient and Nature sounds combined with soft deep Techno and sharp synths.

3. Several Definitions & Marc DePuls – Sharks

Marc DePulse has created some beautiful darker tracks, so did Several Definitions. How nice is it that they mixed up an created this track honouring the ocean’s apex predator.

2. Remake – Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)

This track was already played often during Maceo’s sets. For example, during DGTL Amsterdam 2018, this song was played and rocked the festival. The track contains several nice twists. From techno to a more melodic vibe.

1. Enrico Sangiuliano – Cosmic Ratio

This is song is from the album Biomorph, an amazing tension-building track that hits the dance floor easily. Enrico’s tracks Symbiosis and New Dawn are our other favourites from this album.

To listen uninterrupted to these Techno & Melodic Techno tracks, we’ve added the following playlist. To get updates to this playlist, follow Like Yellow on Soundcloud.

Top 15 Deep-House Tracks

15. Budakid – Rhizome

Such a beautiful starting track. Amazing pace, building up to something greater.

14. When We Face Reality (Khen Bronzed Re-Edit)

Khen is famous for his deeper steady tracks. He did a great remix for: When We Face Reality.

13. Mark Alow – White Tusk

12. Ezequiel Arias – Airwave

11. Dynacom – Demente (Dimuth K Reverie Mix)

This is such a beautiful remix. So many nice elements, great build-up. What a track!

10. Andy Stott – Numb (Marc Holstege Remix)

9. Kölsch – Left Eye Left

The first time we heard this track was when Kölsch played a dj-set on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (check out that set). Great opening track.

8. Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)

Funky track remixed by Dosem:

7. DJ Koze – Pick Up (12″ Extended Disco Version)

One of the greater disco tracks made in 2018 by DJ Koze:

6. Niels van Gogh – Pulverturm (Solomun & Tomcraft Remix)

Pretty awesome remix of an old classic dance tune by Solomun & Tomcraft. Lots of energy, fun track.

5. George FitzGerald – The Echo Forgets (DJ Tennis Remix)

4. Perel – Die Dimension

Nice deep-house track with a funky arpeggiator and a bright German Voice. What a combi!

3. Spaceandtime – Running Towards Nothing

Maybe, a bit more techno, but lovely.

2. Sledget – Exospehere (Christian Monique remix)

Not so familiar, but so dreamy and beautiful. In the meanwhile we also made an article of the best techno remixes, if you’d like to find out about more remixes.

1. Perel – Alles

Another one from Perel. This one is so deep, so funky, such a vocals. A deserved first spot for Alles from Perel!

Hope you like all above tracks. To listen uninterrupted to these Deep-House tracks, we’ve added these in a separate playlist. The deep-house tracks start at track 16 (Budakid – Rhizome).

2018 Techno and Deep-House Year Mix

We also added an hour mix that combines a couple of these 2018 most-played and/or favourite Deep-House and Techno tracks.

2019 and 2020 Techno and Deep-House Year Mix

We also added an hour mix that combines a couple of these 2019’s most-played and/or favourite Deep-House and Techno tracks.

Want to receive frequent deep-house or techno tunes, follow Like Yellow on Soundcloud.