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Startpage Search Engine Review – Is It Legit?

In the vast landscape of search engines dominated by giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, there’s a growing demand for privacy-centric alternatives. Startpage, a search engine that prioritizes user privacy, has emerged as a compelling option for those who seek to balance efficient information retrieval with data protection.

Introduction to Startpage:

Startpage was founded in 1998 under the name “Ixquick” and later rebranded as Startpage in 2016. It positions itself as the world’s most private search engine, emphasizing a commitment to user privacy and the avoidance of tracking and data collection commonly associated with other search engines.

Privacy Features:

1. Anonymous Search: Startpage allows users to perform searches anonymously. The search engine acts as an intermediary between the user and the websites, ensuring that user IP addresses and personal information are not transmitted to the third-party sites visited.

2. No Tracking: Unlike many popular search engines, Startpage doesn’t store any personal information about its users. It does not use cookies, track search history, or create user profiles, enhancing the user’s online anonymity.

3. Privacy Proxy: The privacy proxy feature enables users to view search results without directly visiting the websites. Startpage serves as a middleman, accessing the page on behalf of the user while protecting their identity.

Is it legit?

It seem like Startpage is legit.

When looking at developer tools, indeed it seems like no cookies are stored:

Startpage no cookies are stored

And as far as we did a short research, we could not see that any client side requests were made to Google. They only seemed to be made via a server side proxy. However, that still doesn’t make it 100% sure that nothing identifiable will be sent to or tracked by Google, but that goes for every search engine.

When you open an ad, it seems that it goes through Google’s servers as well, which still might log some information about you. To reduce IP logging you can try to look at a (European) VPN provider, but that still does not remove the whole risk of leaving fingerprints.

User Interface and Experience:

Startpage’s user interface is clean, straightforward, and reminiscent of classic search engines. The design mirrors Google’s simplicity, making it familiar and accessible to users accustomed to mainstream search engines. The results page displays a mix of web, image, and video results.

Search Results:

Startpage claims to provide Google search results while maintaining user privacy. The search engine retrieves results from Google but strips away the tracking elements. Users can access a comprehensive range of search results without compromising their privacy.

Startpage Search Results examples


  1. Privacy-Centric Approach: Startpage’s commitment to user privacy is its most significant advantage. The absence of tracking and data collection distinguishes it from mainstream search engines.
  2. Familiar Interface: The user interface is user-friendly, resembling that of Google. This makes the transition for users seeking a privacy-oriented alternative more seamless.
  3. Comprehensive Search Results: By utilizing Google’s search results without compromising user privacy, Startpage offers reliable and relevant information to users.


  1. Limited Features: Startpage lacks some of the advanced features and personalization options offered by competitors like Google. Users who heavily rely on personalized search experiences might find it lacking.
  2. Dependency on Google: While Startpage claims to provide Google search results, it is dependent on Google’s algorithm. Users who want to distance themselves entirely from Google might find this a drawback.
  3. No extra charity benefits: Except from privacy, it does not support majorly to charity projects like Search For Trees or other eco search engines.


Startpage stands out as a legitimate and privacy-focused search engine, providing users with a secure alternative to mainstream options. Its commitment to anonymity, no tracking policy, and privacy proxy features make it an attractive option for those who prioritize online privacy. However, users should be aware of its limitations, including the reliance on Google for search results and the absence of some advanced features found in other search engines.

Check out other privacy-friendly search engines or European search engines.

In summary, Startpage is a commendable choice for users seeking a private and secure search experience, especially if they are willing to make minor trade-offs in terms of personalized features.

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