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Tree Planting Search Engine: Search For Trees

Search For Trees, powered by Google’s search engine, provides users with the opportunity to search in an eco-friendly manner. As you perform your daily searches, you automatically contribute to reforestation projects in Africa. It’s a simple way to make your online activity more sustainable and contribute to a greener world.

Search Engine For The Environmentally Conscious

In an era where the environmental impact of our online activities is impossible to ignore, Search For Trees introduces a new way to give back to the planet. While each Google search is equivalent to driving at least a kilometer, and the internet contributes to nearly 4% of global CO2 emissions, it’s time to consciously choose a greener search experience.

Search For Trees Search Engine

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to Search For Trees
  2. Conduct your usual search queries
  3. Watch as your personal tree counter grows as you search on the live statistics page

Make a Positive Impact – 60% of Revenue Goes to Trees

With over 10% of global CO2 emissions attributed to deforestation, taking responsibility is crucial. Search For Trees commits to investing 60% of advertising revenue directly into tree-planting projects. Simply by being online, you contribute to reducing deforestation and restoring nature.

Sustainable Food Forests for Africa

Search For Trees supports Trees for the Future (TREES) in their efforts to create sustainable food forests for local farmers in Africa. Trees play a crucial role in preserving groundwater, soil nutrients, and protecting land from erosion. By combining agriculture and natural restoration, the inclination to cut down trees is significantly reduced.

An Innovative Approach

While other search engines also plant trees, Search For Trees stands out by using Google as its primary search engine and offering full integration with all browsers and iPhones. Like, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and iOS. The search engine is transparent about its revenue, publishing financial reports for public access. “If all internet users start using Search For Trees, it could have a significant positive impact on global reforestation.”

So, why not consciously search and join Search For Trees in building a more sustainable future? With every search, you make a powerful statement for the planet. Go green, search green!

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