Laravel Add List-Unsubscribe Header to Mail (e.g. Mailgun & Hotmail)

When using e.g. Mailgun for Laravel Mail, sometimes it could happen that mails end up in spamfolders. One of the reasons for this is that default a List-Unsubscribe header is not set. That is a link that you send to your unsubscribe mail.

Add this code in you mail closure:

                    ->addTextHeader('List-Unsubscribe', '<' . action('NewsletterController@delete', 'YOURUSERIDORTOKEN') . '>');

So then it becomes like:

\Mail::send(['emails.newsletter-activate.html', 'emails.newsletter-activate.text'], $toMailView, function ($message) use ($email, $subject) {
                    ->addTextHeader('List-Unsubscribe', '<' . action('NewsletterController@delete', 'YOURUSERIDORTOKEN') . '>');

This seems to work in Hotmail. In our cases it removed the case where Hotmail moved our Mailgun e-mails to the SPAM-box.

Are mails completely blocked by your ISP? Ask MailGun for a new IP

We also had a case where Mailgun assigned us an IP that was blocked by Hotmail. Send a support query to Mailgun and ask for a new IP-address. With above tips Mailgun delivered our e-mails correctly in the mailbox.

Validating meta title and meta description with jQuery

Would you like to auto-display validation hints when a meta_title field is longer than 55 chars and a meta_description field is longer than 155 chars?

Then you can use this package: jQuery Meta Title and Description Validation.

1. Have at least one input field named meta_title or meta_description


2. Initialize by including jquery-meta-validation.js

Laravel 5 Admin Middleware (is_admin user check)

Would you like to have middleware that makes sure that only users with an is_admin = 1 status will be able to see the admin section? Then you can use the following code:


is_admin == 1)
            return $next($request);

        return redirect()->guest('/');

Make sure you’ll register the middleware as a route in app/Http/Kernel.php

protected $routeMiddleware = [
        'auth' => \App\Http\Middleware\Authenticate::class,
        'auth.basic' => \Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\AuthenticateWithBasicAuth::class,
        'guest' => \App\Http\Middleware\RedirectIfAuthenticated::class,
        'admin' => \App\Http\Middleware\AdminMiddleware::class

Finally assign this middleware in the routes.php next to the auth middleware, since the admin middleware is an extension to the auth middleware.


Route::group(['prefix' => 'administration', 'middleware' => ['auth', 'admin']], function()
	Route::get('/', 'Admin\HomeController@index');

If you’ve suggestions to make this coding more efficient, you’re always welcome to drop a comment below.

SSH import sql database with host syntax (if not localhost)

How to import a .sql.gz file when the host is not localhost? Use this syntax:

$ mysql -h -u dbun1234 -p db365838511 <


  • mysql: This is the MySQL command to access your databases
  • -h This is the Host Name where your database is located (available from the 1&1 Control Panel).
  • -u dbun1234: This is the User Name for your database (available from the 1&1 Control Panel).
  • -p: This is to prompt for a password. Do not type the password now. You will be asked for the password after you hit ENTER.
  • db111111111: This is the database name.
  • < : This is to specify a database file should be imported to the database.
  • This is the filename you will enter to specify which of the files you wish to import.

Source: 1and1

Magento Show Poll Results

Add this code in order to show the poll results in de poll block (using this article):

In addition for the result add in poll.phtml:

if ($poll->isVoted($poll->getId()) == TRUE) {
//Template Block
echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘core/template’)->setTemplate(‘poll/result.phtml’)->setAttribute(‘my_poll_id’, $poll->getId())->toHtml();
} else {

// add the rest of the poll script here


Further open results.phtml and add on top:

if(!isset($poll)) {
$poll = new Mage_Poll_Model_Poll();

$action = Mage::getUrl(‘poll/vote/add’, array(‘poll_id’ => $poll->getId()));

$poll_answers = Mage::getModel(‘poll/poll_answer’)


This should do the trick!

Lesti::Fpc and Layered Navigation

Lesti::Fpc is a great free Full Page Cache plugin for Magento. Though, it could be that it doesn’t work with Layered Navigation.


1. Go to your site and layered navigation and hover with your mouse on a filter item. It shows the url parameters (like ?color=red&manufacturer=brand).

2. Those parameter you need to add in the admin > config > system > Lesti::FPC > URL params. There add all the possible parameters from above. Like:



Magento import multiple images in dataflow csv/xml

Sometimes it’s really annoying that Magento only supports one image per product. On the Magento Commerce forum a solution is found:

Now, what you need to do is open the file
and go to around line 773 and find

$addedFilesCorrespondence = $mediaGalleryBackendModel->addImagesWithDifferentMediaAttributes(
$arrayToMassAdd, Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . 'import',

and paste the following code right after it
if (isset($importData['media_gallery']) && !empty($importData['media_gallery'])) {
$x = explode(',', $importData['media_gallery']);
foreach ($x as $file) {
$imagesToAdd[] = array('file' => trim($file));
$imagesToAdd, Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . 'import',


Magento place order slow [FIXED]

The Magento “place order” step can take up to a minute. With thanks to this site I figured out how to fix slow checkouts.

Step 1

Find the file app/code/core/Mage/Rss/etc/config.xml and uncomment/remove:


Step 2

Find the file app/code/core/Mage/Downloadable/etc/config.xml and uncomment/remove:


sqlstate 23000 integrity constraint violation 1048 column ‘value’ cannot be null magento

How to solve the problem ‘sqlstate 23000 integrity constraint violation 1048 column ‘value’ cannot be null magento’?

This problem is quite hard to identificate, because it’s hard to seek the right column ‘value’. Here is what I did in order to find out the problem.

  • Start the import process and see on which record number the errors occur.
  • Locate these record numbers and find the difference between other records in a spreadsheet program.
  • In my example I found out that on some rows the meta_robots column was empty instead of INDEX, FOLLOW. This caused the error.
  • Fill these rows. This will solve the problem.