PHPTypesenseAdmin – Manage your Typesense Server via a simple PHP admin

Introducing PHPTypesenseAdmin: Streamline Your Typesense Management

We’re excited to introduce PHPTypesenseAdmin – a sleek, user-friendly administration panel crafted specifically for Typesense, the blazing-fast, open-source search engine designed for instantaneous search experiences. Built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, PHPTypesenseAdmin aims to provide a seamless interface to manage your Typesense instances effortlessly.

Why PHPTypesenseAdmin?

Typesense has been making waves for its typo-tolerance and lightning-fast search capabilities, offering an excellent alternative to more cumbersome search solutions. However, managing a Typesense server directly can sometimes be less intuitive, especially for those who prefer graphical interfaces over command line interactions. Enter PHPTypesenseAdmin: a solution designed to bridge this gap, offering an intuitive dashboard for all your Typesense administrative tasks.

PHP Typesense Admin Dashboard

Streamlined Management

With PHPTypesenseAdmin, you get an elegant dashboard that allows you to:

  • View and manage collections
  • Manipulate documents within collections
  • Manage API keys with ease
  • View the Health status and stats of your Typesense instance
  • And much more…

Features at a Glance

PHP Typesense Admin example

The dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your Typesense server, making it a breeze to access and manage your collections and documents. Whether you’re looking to quickly add new documents to a collection, or simply keeping an eye on your server’s health, PHPTypesenseAdmin makes these tasks straightforward and intuitive.

Getting Started with PHPTypesenseAdmin


Getting PHPTypesenseAdmin up and running is as simple as:

  1. Clone the Repository: Start by cloning the repository to your local machine or server. Or even better, run: composer create-project devproblemssolutions/phptypesenseadmin example-app
  2. Configure Environment: Create an env.php file in the root directory with your Typesense server details and admin credentials.
  3. Install Dependencies: Run composer install to pull in necessary dependencies.

And voilà! You’re set to log in and start managing your Typesense server through a friendly interface designed for productivity.

The complete guide is on our Github Repo.

Security and Peace of Mind

Built with security in mind, PHPTypesenseAdmin ensures that your search engine remains as secure as ever. While PHPTypesenseAdmin is designed to be user-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on security. We highly recommend running it locally, or behind an IP firewall to ensure that it’s accessed only by authorized users.

A Word of Caution

PHPTypesenseAdmin is in active development. This means, while it’s fully functional, future updates are to be expected, continually enhancing features and security. With this in mind, we advise against running PHPTypesenseAdmin in a production environment without the necessary precautions.


PHPTypesenseAdmin is set to revolutionize the way you interact with Typesense, offering a painless administration experience. This is only the beginning, and we’re excited about the roadmap ahead. We welcome contributions, feedback, and any feature requests to make PHPTypesenseAdmin even better.

Join the Community

Interested in contributing or have suggestions? Head over to our GitHub repository or Packagist and let us know. We’re excited to build a community around PHPTypesenseAdmin and Typesense, making search management an effortless task for developers and administrators alike.

Happy searching and managing with PHPTypesenseAdmin!

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