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Top 15 Techno & Deep-House Tracks of 2024

In this article we composed the best new 15 Techno, Melodic-Techno & Deep-House tracks of 2020. Since 2020 just started, we also include some of the best songs of 2018 and 2019. This chart is (like all charts) of course fully subjective, so if you have any suggestions, add them to the comment. Enjoy!

Note: at the bottom of these lists you’ll find a Soundcloud playlist where you can listen the track uninterrupted. We also added a Techno and Deep-House yearmix, containing los of these tracks at the bottom of this page.

Top 15 Techno & Melodic Techno Tracks

15. Moonwalk – Galatic

We’re starting with one of the latest songs of 2018, so it’s still pretty recent. Moonwalk’s Galactic is one to remember for 2019. A great opener of this list.

14. Adriatique – Voices From The Dawn

Steady delivering duo Adriatique created one of their biggest hits with “Voices From The Dawn”. This rhythmic track maintains a calm pace, but has lots of energy.

13. Patrice Baümel – Roar (Adana Twins Remix)

Patrice Baümel has multiple favourites in our list. One of them is “Roar” mixed by the Adana Twins (which also have multiple entries in this list).

12. Energy 52 – ‘Cafe Del Mar’ (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix)

Who doesn’t know the original of this track? Tale of Us did an amazing job, remixing this track into a Techno-vibe. But it doesn’t ruin to the greatness of the original.

11. Maceo Plex – Mutant Robotics

Maceo Plex already played this track a couple of times in his live sets. It’s so uplifting with dark vocals, building an amazing tension.

10. Like Yellow – Space Funk

Like Yellow created this track. Starting with a techno vibe, the melody adds, whereafter the beat drops.

9. Matador – Juniper

Okay, we must be fair, this track was actually made end of 2017. But it really got momentum in 2018, we also discovered it then. With a few short strings Matador creates this amazing vibe track.

8. ANNA – Hidden Beauties

The year 2018 really started in January with the great track Hidden Beauties of ANNA. With the low “TIME” vocal in this track, this track builds on in the climax.

7. Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet

While usually having more melodic sounds, Patrice Baümel this times creates a darker sound. With a hypnotic percussion and swinging noises, this track has an amazing vibe.

6. Adana Twins – Jupiter

The Adana Twins are famous for their darker rolling techno tunes. With a nice high pad, this tune brings in an amazing amount of energy.

5. HOSH & Tim Engelhardt – Blinded

This track has some mysterious elements and then has a sudden break with some light-sharp synth.

4. Aether – Raven

Aether describes themselves as a “sound research” project. An exploration of Ambient and Nature sounds combined with soft deep Techno and sharp synths.

3. Several Definitions & Marc DePuls – Sharks

Marc DePulse has created some beautiful darker tracks, so did Several Definitions. How nice is it that they mixed up an created this track honouring the ocean’s apex predator.

2. Remake – Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix)

This track was already played often during Maceo’s sets. For example, during DGTL Amsterdam 2018, this song was played and rocked the festival. The track contains several nice twists. From techno to a more melodic vibe.

1. Enrico Sangiuliano – Cosmic Ratio

This is song is from the album Biomorph, an amazing tension-building track that hits the dance floor easily. Enrico’s tracks Symbiosis and New Dawn are our other favourites from this album.

To listen uninterrupted to these Techno & Melodic Techno tracks, we’ve added the following playlist. To get updates to this playlist, follow Like Yellow on Soundcloud.

Top 15 Deep-House Tracks

15. Budakid – Rhizome

Such a beautiful starting track. Amazing pace, building up to something greater.

14. When We Face Reality (Khen Bronzed Re-Edit)

Khen is famous for his deeper steady tracks. He did a great remix for: When We Face Reality.

13. Mark Alow – White Tusk

12. Ezequiel Arias – Airwave

11. Dynacom – Demente (Dimuth K Reverie Mix)

This is such a beautiful remix. So many nice elements, great build-up. What a track!

10. Andy Stott – Numb (Marc Holstege Remix)

9. Kölsch – Left Eye Left

The first time we heard this track was when Kölsch played a dj-set on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (check out that set). Great opening track.

8. Eli & Fur – Parfume (Dosem Remix)

Funky track remixed by Dosem:

7. DJ Koze – Pick Up (12″ Extended Disco Version)

One of the greater disco tracks made in 2018 by DJ Koze:

6. Niels van Gogh – Pulverturm (Solomun & Tomcraft Remix)

Pretty awesome remix of an old classic dance tune by Solomun & Tomcraft. Lots of energy, fun track.

5. George FitzGerald – The Echo Forgets (DJ Tennis Remix)

4. Perel – Die Dimension

Nice deep-house track with a funky arpeggiator and a bright German Voice. What a combi!

3. Spaceandtime – Running Towards Nothing

Maybe, a bit more techno, but lovely.

2. Sledget – Exospehere (Christian Monique remix)

Not so familiar, but so dreamy and beautiful. In the meanwhile we also made an article of the best techno remixes, if you’d like to find out about more remixes.

1. Perel – Alles

Another one from Perel. This one is so deep, so funky, such a vocals. A deserved first spot for Alles from Perel!

Hope you like all above tracks. To listen uninterrupted to these Deep-House tracks, we’ve added these in a separate playlist. The deep-house tracks start at track 16 (Budakid – Rhizome).

2018 Techno and Deep-House Year Mix

We also added an hour mix that combines a couple of these 2018 most-played and/or favourite Deep-House and Techno tracks.

2019 and 2020 Techno and Deep-House Year Mix

We also added an hour mix that combines a couple of these 2019’s most-played and/or favourite Deep-House and Techno tracks.

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