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Bunny Fonts: Privacy-friendly and GDPR Web Typography

Web typography plays a crucial role in shaping a website’s visual appeal and user experience. While Google Fonts is a popular choice, concerns about data privacy have led to the rise of privacy-friendly alternatives.

Bunny Fonts is one such solution that offers a diverse collection of web fonts while prioritizing user data protection. In this article, we’ll explore Bunny Fonts as a privacy-conscious alternative to Google Fonts, highlighting its GDPR compliance and seamless integration for web developers and designers.

1. What is Bunny Fonts?

Bunny Fonts is a privacy-friendly web font service that aims to provide a wide range of fonts for web developers, designers, and website owners. It offers a rich collection of high-quality fonts without the need to compromise on user privacy.

It is created by Bunny, a European CDN.

2. Privacy Matters: The GDPR Advantage

Bunny Fonts takes data privacy seriously and aligns with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a European-based service, Bunny Fonts ensures that user data is handled in compliance with the stringent privacy regulations, providing users with greater control and transparency over their personal information.

3. Features of Bunny Fonts

Versatile Font Collection

Bunny Fonts offers a diverse and growing collection of web fonts suitable for various design preferences and project requirements. From classic to modern fonts, web developers can find the perfect typography to enhance their websites’ aesthetics.

Easy Integration

Integrating Bunny Fonts into your website is seamless and user-friendly. With straightforward implementation, web developers can add the chosen font to their CSS files, improving website typography in no time.

Privacy-First Approach

Unlike Google Fonts, Bunny Fonts prioritizes user privacy and does not require external connections to Google servers. This eliminates the potential for user data tracking and ensures a private browsing experience for website visitors.

4. Benefits of Choosing Bunny Fonts

Data Privacy Assurance

By selecting Bunny Fonts, website owners can provide their visitors with a font-rich experience without compromising on data privacy. With no external connections to third-party servers, user data remains secure and protected from potential data breaches.

GDPR Compliance

For websites serving users in the European Union, using Bunny Fonts helps in complying with the GDPR requirements regarding data protection and user consent.

Page Loading Speed

Bunny Fonts contributes to faster page loading times as it reduces external requests and eliminates any potential delays caused by connecting to external servers.

5. How to Integrate Bunny Fonts into Your Website

Step-by-Step Process

Integrating Bunny Fonts into your website is a straightforward process:

  • Choose Your Font: Select the font(s) you wish to use from the Bunny Fonts collection.
  • Link the CSS File: Add the Bunny Fonts CSS link to your website’s HTML head section.
  • Apply the Font: In your CSS file, use the @font-face rule to apply the chosen font to your desired elements.


In a privacy-conscious era, web developers and designers seek alternatives that enhance their websites’ aesthetics without compromising user data privacy. Bunny Fonts emerges as a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Fonts, offering a diverse collection of web fonts with GDPR compliance at its core. By prioritizing user privacy and seamless font integration, Bunny Fonts empowers web developers to create visually appealing websites without compromising on data protection. Embrace Bunny Fonts as your go-to option for versatile web typography, and embark on a journey of privacy-focused web design that leaves a positive impact on your visitors’ browsing experience.

Note: always check yourself the GDPR compliance of Bunny Fonts as things can change and we have not fully legally checked the service ourselves.

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