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Becoming a Chrome Extension Developer and paying with MasterCard

Built you first plugin? Want to become a Chrome Developer?


Now, it’s time to register to the Chrome Developer programme. But perhaps registering with a Mastercard Credit Card does not work?

How to register for Chrome Developer?

It’s pretty easy. You use your own Google Account and then are able to register an account that you can use to submit multiple plugins. It costs about $5 once to register as a Chrome Developer.

Paying with Mastercard?

Strange enough, this process does not accept Mastercard credit cards. As Mastercard is more common in Europe, it’s strange that Chrome Developer Programme does not accept it.

How to solve this?

We chose for a prepaid credit card from Visa. There’s several Visa prepaid credit cards available. ALWAYS do your research well on whether these Visa prepaid credit card providers are legitimate and reliable. This is completely at your own risk.

Did it work?

After registering for a prepaid Visa credit card and depositing a few dollars on the credit card we were able to finish the Chrome Extension Developer programme.

It took us about 4 working days after registration before our extension got submitted in the Chrome Web Store, as Google employees usually first need to check your Chrome Extension.

Hope this helps. If you’re looking for some nice Chrome Extension, we created a top Chrome Extensions article.

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