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Best Firefox Add-Ons as of 2024: 23 Essentials

What are the most important add-ons for Firefox as of 2024? Whether you are looking for Firefox add-ons for blocking ads, privacy, online shopping, sustainability, tab management or students, you’ll find the best of them in this article.

Best Firefox Add-ons for Causes and Sustainability

Did you know you can help the world and the environment by installing simple Firefox add-ons? The following add-ons tempt to make the world a better place:

TreeClicks Screenshot

1. TreeClicks

While we’re talking about shopping, let’s think about the consequences of our online purchases. Because if anything, buying new products isn’t exactly good for our planet. Have you ever thought about the CO2, the toxins, the waste and the pollution that comes with buying stuff? Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you to become an activist (although maybe we are?). Just add TreeClicks to your Firefox browser! It has 50.000+ stores (including Amazon) and whenever you purchase something, TreeClicks receives an ad fee and invests it in tree planting projects.

Download TreeClicks as a Firefox Add-on

2. Tab for a Cause

Tab for a Cause makes it super easy to contribute to a good cause. Just add the extension to your browser, open a new tab, and BOOM! – you help them raise money for charity without lifting a finger (well, except your index finger on the mouse).

Add Tab for a Cause to Firefox

Best Firefox Add-ons for Blocking Ads

We all hate pop-ups and ads. Yet, we can’t escape them, because ads are everywhere. We get bombarded with ads on social media, radio, podcasts, TV, the street, and the internet. Luckily there’s an app that you can add onto your Firefox browser that blocks ads as well as pop-ups.

Adblock Plus Firefox Add On
Adblock Plus Firefox Add On

Firefox Add-on 3. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular Firefox extensions for blocking ads. It’s easy to install and you can benefit from it right away. It allows you to block ads that interrupt your browsing, but you can control what it blocks as well. Sometimes, certain websites stop working if you use an adblocker. You can create your own filter to block certain types of ads and traffic. Here are more features of this beautiful, free add-on:

  • You can allow acceptable ads
  • You can disable tracking
  • You can block malware sites
  • You can block social media buttons

Download AdBlock Plus for Firefox


Adblock Plus is available for Firefox, but also for other browsers like Chrome. Adblock Plus and all the other listed plugins are all available for Firefox. Firefox is a browser, made by Mozilla and has the possibility to install add-ons that add capabilities to the browser.

4. AdNauseam

AdNauseam is an extension that blocks ads and conceals browsing data, so you can protect yourself against online ad tracking services. You can view each ad that the extension has blocked in the AdVault. The extension also protects your information against hidden malware. Ad networks like to track their users, that’s why AdNauseam is a great extension that will scramble your data, so it becomes useless to said trackers.

At the same time, AdNauseam serves as a means of boosting the displeasure of users regarding advertising networks that completely ignore privacy. With AdNauseam users can take the matter into their own hands to fight back against trackers.

Download AdNauseam for Mozilla Firefox

5. Ghostery

Ghostery has the power to block ads on webpages. It will protect you from trackers and makes your browsing experience fast and safe. Thanks to Ghostery you can completely focus on the content that is important to you. No more annoying ads that block your view.

You also have the possibility to look at the trackers on the websites that you are visiting and block them manually. With this extension, you are always in control. You decide who can access your data.

You will notice that pages will load faster and that the performance of each webpage will be improved by automatically (un)blocking trackers.

Ghostery gives you the possibility to customize your display, so you can have access to the dashboards with relevant information.

You can choose to directly install the extension or to sign up for free to enjoy more advanced features.

Download Ghostery for Mozilla Firefox


Best Firefox Add-ons for Online Privacy

Your privacy and online safety is not something you want to mess with. Did you know that whenever you use a public Wi-Fi connection, you risk having your personal data stolen by hackers? You even risk identity theft! The best thing is to use a VPN (a VPN helps you to stay safe online) in combination with these Firefox extensions for privacy.

6. Privacy Possum

Want to keep your internet experience safe and private? Of course you do! Privacy Possum reduces and falsifies the data that is collected by tracking companies, so they can’t access your personal data. There have been some instances in which certain websites don’t work when this add-on is enabled, but you can customise it in the settings.

Download Privacy Possum for Mozilla Firefox

7. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin lets you see how many ads it has blocked and from what companies the ads came from. You can load and enforce many different filters, such as EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list, EasyPrivacy, and malware domains. There are even more filters to select, but be aware of website breakage if you select too many. If you want, you can disable ad blocking for individual websites.

Install uBlock Origin for Firefox

uBlock Origin

8. Facebook container

Thanks to Facebook container you will make sure to keep your data private when you are using Facebook. Facebook will not be able to track you down on the website. Also, your web activity will be completely isolated from Facebook.

When downloading the extension, you will automatically be logged out from Facebook and it will also delete your Facebook cookies. Embedded Facebook comments and likes in tabs outside of this extension will not work. This means that Facebook does not have the power to associate your browsing information to websites outside of Facebook.

When you open your Facebook again, you will see that it opens in the container. You need to sign in so that the container can handle cookies and other things independently.

Remember that the extension cannot avoid Facebook to use the data it already has about you.

Download Facebook Container for Mozilla Firefox

Facebook container

9. Firefox Multi-Account Containers

The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension will make sure that you keep your online life separated. Containers are like profiles, that will allow you to divide browsing activitywithin different profiles. Also, your cookies get compartmentalized by containers. Your online identities will be kept separate from one another and online tracking tools will be limited to gather your data.

The extension will make your life a little easier. It will allow you to log in to different accounts at the same time and on the same website. Also, you will be able to keep work and home life separately.

If you use it the right way, the extension can help you to protect your privacy.

Download Firefox Multi-Account Containers for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

10. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best extensions to improve your browser’s security. Firefox does already have a strong privacy police, but by adding NordVPN you will build an extra protective layer to your browser activity. NordVPN will hide your location and IP address.

Your data will not be intercepted by trackers, so they will not discover your online moves. NordVPN offers CyberSec which blocks all types of security threats. Malware will not have the chance to contaminate your device. With this extension you will also have access to live chat sessions and email services to get instant help if necessary.

You can try out the extension for 30 days, and they offer a money-back guarantee. There are four different plans to choose from and each plan has fantastic features.

Install NordVPN for Firefox


Best Firefox Extensions for Shopping

A lot of people do (a big part of) their shopping online. It’s easy, convenient, and you can find loads of deals and coupon codes, which make online shopping often cheaper than “regular” shopping. Here are some add-ons that online shoppers will appreciate.

11. Honey

Enjoy a discount when you shop? Honey makes it super easy for you to shop online and save a buck. It automatically finds and tests coupon codes with only one click. It works with more than 10,000 online shops in the UK, Canada, the US, India, and Australia. Just add it to your browser and start shopping like you’re used to. When you want to check out and pay, click on the Find Savings button the add-on will apply a coupon code if it’s available.

Install Honey for Firefox


Get notified of new deals and offers as you shop. The Firefox add-on notifies you if there are any deals, offers or coupons as soon as you land on the website of a shop. Their database is one of the biggest, with over 14,000 coupons and they update it every day with more than 300 offers.

Install for Firefox

Best Firefox Add-ons for

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of online shopping? Amazon? Makes sense, as it has already taken over the world of online shopping. Chances are big that if you do shop online, it is at Amazon. Here’s an extension that will help you out on your Amazon adventures.

13. Amazon Assistant for Firefox

This add-on is Amazon’s official product to help you find your way around the giant online shop. Amazon Assistant finds personalised product recommendations and it shows you the best offers, ratings, and ratings regarding Amazon’s products. You can follow (future) deals and get notified when they go live. It also allows you to save all your favourite items in one place.

Install Amazon Assistant for Mozilla Firefox

Best Firefox Extensions for Tab Management

Tab management, we all need it. How many tabs do you open in one session? About 20? That is a LOT. It induces stress when you work with that many open tabs. Better keep it to a maximum of 5 open tabs per session. If you need some help organising and managing your tabs, here’s the perfect Firefox extension for you.

14. Tab Sidebar

Get a sidebar with thumbnails instead of your regular tab bar! Tab Sidebar is simple, lightweight, and fast. You can even drag and drop tabs between windows. It also makes it super easy to manage your browser history and bookmarks.

Add Tab Sidebar to Mozilla Firefox

Best Firefox Add-ons for Students

Students are tied to the internet – and Firefox – for research and educational purposes. Here are two Firefox add-ons students don’t deserve to live without.

15. Grammarly

English is the official language on the internet. Whether you are a native speaker or not, we can all use a little help to express ourselves more gracefully. Grammarly is an add-on that helps you write correct English. This tool goes beyond the standard spell checker, as it not only checks the grammar but also the context.

The Firefox add-on also works on social media

It works on many popular sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Super handy when you need to write an email to your professor or (future) employer! Grammarly is free to use unless you need more than 400 language corrections per month, which would be $140 a year.

Install Grammarly for Firefox

16. Dictionary

Do you know what “unabashed” means? Ah, well, we sure hope that you are unabashed if you don’t. Add Dictionary to your Firefox browser and you’ll be increasing your vocabulary in no time. This is another free extension, so go ahead and smarten yourself up!

Intall Dictionary for Firefox

17. To Google Translate

If you frequently use Google Translate, you may find this extension very useful. The To Google Translate extension will create one context menu item in your Firefox browser. It’s a very easy way to translate anything you need and in any language.

If you want to translate a text, all you need to do is select the text and then click on a menu item. The selected text will be sent to either Google Translate or Google TTS. The latter one is useful in case you would like to listen to the pronunciation of a word.

With this extension you are able to set default languages for translation.

Download To Google Translate for Mozilla Firefox

Best Firefox Add-ons to Capture Screenshots

18. Lightshot

Screenshots are a popular way to capture interesting things on your computer. It can be an error message that you need to send to tech support, or maybe just an inspirational quote you would like to save. With Lightshot you can easily make screenshots in a browser tab. Once you installed the extension, you will find an icon on the toolbar. If you want to make a screenshot, you just hit the icon, select the area you want to make a screenshot from and then click either ‘save’ or ‘upload to server’. If you choose to upload, you will immediately receive a link to your screenshot. You can even resize or move the selection area right in the browser tab or edit your screenshots. The extension is a must-have for users who frequently need to take screen captures.

Download Lightshot for Mozilla Firefox


Best Firefox Add-ons for Fun

19. TinEye Reverse Image Search

Thanks to TinEye Reverse Image Search you can find other versions of any image. This extension is useful in several situations. For example, if you found a specific image online that you like but the quality is low, or if you want to know the actual image name. Besides, the extension allows you to find out whether the image is unique or a (modified) copy of an already existing image.

So how does it work? After installing the extension, you just select an image on any web page. You need to right click on the image and choose ‘reverse search on Google’. The information is then automatically sent to the search engines. A new page with matching results will be available to you. The great thing is that TinEye finds exact matches, even if an image is resized, edited, or cropped.

Download TinEye Reverse Image Search for Mozilla Firefox

TinEye Reverse Image Search

20. GreaseMonkey

GreaseMonkey is a fun and helpful extension that allows you to customize webpages. You can change the look and feel of a webpage and manage the functionality of browsing elements.

You can use already existing scripts (thousands of them are available!), like the ones to enhance your favourite websites. But you can write your own scripts as well.

Besides customizing page appearance, you can also add new functions to webpages. For example, you can embed price comparisons within shopping sites, or combine data from various webpages. The changes you made to the webpages are permanent. The extension has numerous other purposes, install GreaseMonkey to find out!

GreaseMonkey is a free Firefox extension.

Download GreaseMonkey for Mozilla Firefox


Best Firefox Add-ons to Increase Productivity

21. Gesturefy

This extension is developed to customize mouse and wheel gestures. With the extension you have access to over 70 different mouse actions. Mouse gestures are like keyboard shortcuts, but only for your mouse. Instead of pressing several keys, you just move your mouse in a certain way to carry out commands.

You can use default gestures that were made for specific actions, but you can also create your own gestures. To save a gesture, you first click the record button next to each command. Then you perform a mouse gesture. It’s very easy.

Gesturefy is a free Firefox extension. Navigate and browse faster with Gesturefy!

Download Gesturefy for Mozilla Firefox


Best Firefox Add-ons to Download Videos

22. Video DownloadHelper

If you are searching for the best Firefox extension to download videos from hundreds of different websites, look no further! With Video DownloadHelper you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Vine, Fox, DailyMotion, Twitch, and many others. Besides, you can capture media galleries and images. With the extension you can download video files in any quality and record live streams directly.

After installing the extension, you just do the following: surf the browser and look for the video you want to download. The extension will identify the embedded video and you can download it through an easy-to-use menu bar. You can even prevent videos from some domains to be detected by the extension.

Besides, you will be able to convert audio and video files to other file formats, and you can combine separate formats into one file.

Download Video DownloadHelper for Mozilla Firefox

 Video DownloadHelper 

Best Firefox Add-ons to Access the Forecast

23. Weather Extension

Do you like to have access to the local weather forecast, wherever you go? With Weather Extension you will never need to peek through your window anymore to know what weather it is outside. The extension gives you free access to hourly and daily weather forecasts.

After downloading the extension, it will automatically locate and display your current weather. You can see the weather for the next 5 days. The extension is very easy to use and comes with many features. You can choose to display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and you can sync between devices. Besides, you will receive weather alerts.

Download Weather Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Weather Extension

Best Firefox add-ons summary

So to summarize, in our opinion, the best Firefox add-ons are:

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