Best Soundcloud mixes

Best Soundcloud Mixes – Techno, Deep-House & more

Soundcloud is a great platform for music lovers to discover new artists and tracks. It’s also a great way for established DJs and producers to share their latest work with the world. Mixes are a particularly popular type of content on Soundcloud, as they offer listeners a chance to hear a DJ’s latest set or compilation. Below are a couple of the best Soundcloud mixes that we’ve came across in recent years.

Favorite Deep-House, Progressive House & Melodic Techno

Selador Sessions – D-Nox

For anyone who loves deep house and progressive house, this soundcloud mix from D-Nox is a must-listen. The German DJ has put together an hour-long set that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your feet moving. From start to finish, the mix is packed with upbeat melodies and driving basslines. Whether you’re looking for a soundtrack for your next workout or just want to dance your cares away, this mix will not disappoint. So go ahead and hit play!

Andy Green & Robin Thurston – System Showcase

Looking for some new tunes to vibe out to? Check out Andy Green’s Soundcloud mix – it’s packed with deep house and progressive house goodness. From start to finish, the mix is a non-stop journey through some of the best tracks in the genre. Whether you’re looking to relax or get your groove on, this mix has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Soundcloud and give it a listen!

Like Yellow – Light Through Dark Tunnels Mix

A nice Soundcloud mix from Like Yellow is a deep house and progressive mix that will take you on a journey through sound. The mix starts off with some big room soundscapes that gradually get more hypnotic and driving. The second half of the mix is packed with energetic tracks that will keep you moving until the very end. Whether you’re a fan of deep house or progressive house, this mix is definitely worth checking out. So head over to Soundcloud and give it a listen.

Mir Omar – January Promo 2021

If you’re looking for the best Soundcloud mixes out there, you can’t go wrong with Mir Omar. He’s got a great selection of music to choose from, and his mixes are always top-notch. Whether you’re in the mood for some chilled-out tunes or something a little more upbeat, Mir Omar has you covered. So if you’re looking for some great new music to listen to, be sure to check out his Soundcloud page.

Maya Jane Coles

Lastly, there’s a mix from UK garage pioneer Maya Jane Coles, which is packed with energy and perfect for dancing.

Favorite Lounge Mixes

Open Soul Sessions – Bas Dobbelaer

Sandeep – Summer Chill Out Session

Whether you’re a fan of techno, house, or garage, these Soundcloud mixes are sure to get your toes tapping. Are you a Mixcloud user? Check out our favorite Mixcloud sets.

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